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Was I being irresponsible?

This is a discussion on Was I being irresponsible? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Well, not knowing more that what you posted... yeah, I think it was irresponsible. Nothing heinous but an inconsiderate choice given the circumstances. Sorry bro! ...

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Thread: Was I being irresponsible?

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    Well, not knowing more that what you posted... yeah, I think it was irresponsible. Nothing heinous but an inconsiderate choice given the circumstances. Sorry bro!

    Your friend was WAY out of line handling your weapon though and you can tell him I said so too!
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback and I suppose constructive criticism. I do feel somewhat responsible for allowing another person to gain access to my firearm, and not telling him he shouldn't touch my property without asking me. The gun was literally not even a foot away from me, I could have grabbed it before he did, but did not think to do so. I have let people in the past walk all over me and touch things they shouldn't be touching in the past, and I guess some of that is still with me. I will make it a point in the future to never EVER let someone else touch my weapons without my permission. I keep most of my guns locked up except the shotgun I keep out for home defense (which I do place a trigger lock on and chained to my bed frame when I am not home) and my carry gun. I told him if he didn't feel comfortable with me having a loaded gun around me or on me that he should just leave. He knows I carry every time I leave the house, only reason being is I have had to tell him before entering his home.

    I am more mad at myself for allowing him to touch my handgun without permission. All my other friends know better than to simply pick up my weapons without asking. I haven't had this particular friend over since this happened, and I plan to have a talk with him about touching my personal property without asking.

    Also he is not against guns and owns a few .22s and shotguns of his own but they all stay unloaded and locked up. He is not into guns like I am, and does not consider home defense to be of any importance. I understand that not everyone feels the need to keep one or two guns out for those unexpected situations, but to lecture me on gun safety is not something I need to be lectured on. I understand the responsibility that comes with gun ownership, and I do everything I can to keep my guns out of the wrong hands.

    This is a mistake I have learned from and will never make again.
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    This is my opinion. This was an uncomfortable situation for both of you. The thing that is need most is communication. From both parts. It needs to be open, honest and most importantly, DON'T interrupt when he is explaining himself. I would CALMLY explain how the situation made you feel, and ask him how it made him feel, then let him talk.

    Communication is the universal solvent. Keep it calm, friendly and respectful. This situation can be used to strengthen a relationship or dissolve it. Friends are a good thing to have around and in these crazy times, we can use all we got.

    Also, by being respectful and listening you may get him to understand your choices, as you see them. Two ears and one mouth! Remember that! Twice the listening.


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    If my gun is not on me in my house, it is in our bedroom behind a closed door, (can't disclose where in the bedroom, never know who's watching)

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