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Somebody missing their Glock in Seattle?

This is a discussion on Somebody missing their Glock in Seattle? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by HITCH KING Possible it was used in a crime and somebody looking to deep 6 in the water and it washed up ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HITCH KING View Post
    Possible it was used in a crime and somebody looking to deep 6 in the water and it washed up on shore?
    Or they throw like a sissy?

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    I wonder if 'Josh' used the mag release, or if the mag was already part way out. Also, pulling out the mag is not enough to verify that the gun is fully loaded, for obvious reasons.

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    Imagine if the kid had Mexican carried it back to the school bus and taken it home.
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    I did lose a gun once, although it wasn't in a place where children could find it. I was getting packed up at the range after a session of target shooting. My range bag was too small for the number of guns that I now have. It was adequate when purchased, but unfortunately became too small much too quickly. When I picked up the bag and turned to leave, my Kel-tec P11 fell out of the bag. I was tired when I got home (I had a busy day at work), so I didn't clean the guns right away, I waited 2 days. When I did clean the guns, I realized that the P11 was missing. The next day, on my way home from wok, I stopped by the range, and was told that they had found it, and it was upstairs in the office, but no one was there who had a key. I went by the next morning, and found that only a short time before I arrived, they had called Metro to check out the gun, then had the officers come by the store and they gave him the gun. I had to take another day to go by the police department to pick it up. I felt somewhat embarrassed about it, but they were very "matter of fact" about it, and gave it back to me without comment, they just asked me to sign for it after they had checked my ID. I still found it to be a completely embarrassing experience, and I since not only have a bag more than large enough for every gun, I check once I get to my car and set the bag in the truck that each gun that I came with was indeed in the bag. I intend to do my bet not ever go through that again.

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    I had an uncle lose a full size (read BIG) .44 mag deer hunting once. Still cant figure out how he did it.

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    Maybe the owner was conducting a torture test and forgot where he buried it in the sand.

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    I found a gun once.

    Pennsylvania out squirrel hunting stopped to take a leak, walked up to a tree and what was leaning next to it? A mossberg 590 with a full real tree camo dip job. It was about 2 weeks after turkey season ended. Stoped at the neighbors houses on the way out and asked around but it's still in the safe. Lesson learned is that real tree must be a good camo.

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    I lost a full clip about a year ago. I didn't have a CWL at the time. I would take the clip out and lock it in back behind the seat because i didn't want to come home to someone holding my gun and I would lock up the gun in the garage. That way when i returned home I could put the clip in before I entered the house. I put in on the rail of my truck and forgot it was there. I backtracked 5 or 6 times before finally ginving up.
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    hey I just checked....i still have mine....sheesh...I was afraid for a minute there
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