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I just thought I would share that while my wife and I were having fun eliminating one hell of a craptastic computer that had given me enough problems I could actually see the bullets in flight.

The sun was behind us and we were shooting the computer, case and all, from about 20-25 yards away.

We were shooting my Walther 40cal PPS, my wife's Khar CW40 40cal, and my .45 Kimber Tactical Pro II 4", and a Marlin autoloader .22cal rifle.

Believe it or not the .45 was the only round that could actually penetrate the case on both sides. The rest of the rounds, maybe 1-2 40cal made it through, were stopped by all the crap inside the case.

It was a steel computer case, now they make only aluminum cases these days.
If the light is right, low sun angle, it sometimes looks like a brass pointer all the way to the tgt, can happen into or away from the sun.