good conversation with "anti" friend today

good conversation with "anti" friend today

This is a discussion on good conversation with "anti" friend today within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; So I have a friend who lives in Seattle who is kind of anti guns. This is a transcript of a conversation we had on ...

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Thread: good conversation with "anti" friend today

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    good conversation with "anti" friend today

    So I have a friend who lives in Seattle who is kind of anti guns. This is a transcript of a conversation we had on gmail today:

    Frost: I might go to a shooting range
    me: really? how come?
    Frost: to try shooting a gun
    me: man, i wish i could take you
    me: are you thinking about getting a gun?
    Frost: no
    I don't think people should have guns in the house
    me: how come?
    Frost: because I think they are dangerous
    but I have never held one
    so maybe I will change my mind
    me: sure, they can be. with proper training and experience they're just like any tool
    me: i think once you actually shoot one and learn about it you may think about it
    not necessarily about owning one, but more about the dangerousness of it
    Sent at 3:14 PM on Tuesday
    Frost: right
    me: what has spurred your interest in learning how to shoot?
    Frost: a girlfriend
    me: oh?
    Sent at 3:20 PM on Tuesday
    Frost: yeah she has gone more than once and said how much she likes it, and they have ladies night so it's cheaper
    so I figured I would try it once just to do it
    Sent at 3:22 PM on Tuesday
    me: nice. just make sure you have someone show you how to use it safely
    Frost: yeah I would assume they would

    Sorry about the long transcript. Her name isn't really Frost, that's just a nickname I have for her. case we talk about it again, any tips or pointers? Sounds like she's still a little leary of them but is opening up to the notion of guns.
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    Try to find an NRA instructor in her area, preferably female; the range might have a suggestion. As you know, the first impression will be crucial and a seasoned instructor will be of a great help.
    They know what to look for and how to work down the concerns of a first time shooter.
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    I second jfl's post. He needs a qualified instructor to teach him safety and the basics. Tell your friend politely that when the subject is guns and gun safety never assume anything and when in doubt check it out. Sounds to me that his mind may be opening. No matter what the motivation is he is about to take the first step toward the rest of his life. Be there for him so he doesn't fall when and if he stumbles.

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    +1...Most people are just ignorant because of lack of exposure. Maybe you have a convert.
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    My .02. Make sure she has someone knowledgable about guns and safety go with her. Dont want something bad to happen and reaffirm how she may already feel. You know. To show her guns can be safe. Start out with smaller calibers. Some people tend to start out to big and are overwhelmed and get scared of the recoil, sound of it going off etc. Its easier to learn the basics of gun use and saftey with smaller cals. IMO

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