Rifle Guilt (Rem 7600)

Rifle Guilt (Rem 7600)

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Thread: Rifle Guilt (Rem 7600)

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    Rifle Guilt (Rem 7600)

    Here is where I must first admit I'm new to hunting. I should have been hunting the last 10+ years (maybe 20+). I forgive myself most of it, as it is my loss, but now my mother and father are getting to old to hunt as my interest increases. I feel bad. I have a very good relationship with my parents, but for whatever reason, I never made the time to hunt.

    Now I'm hunting (turkey / deer ... shotgun / rifle). My 75 year old father passes on his 12 guage Winchester Model 12 shotgun and bolt-action Winchester Model 70 30.06 to me. Nice gift considering I have two older brothers. One is a lefty and the other already has several rifles. Still, an honor, that they are passed on to me.

    I already own a Remington 740 Woodmaster (a gift from my parents 10 years ago). Now I keep looking at the Remington Model 7600 (even a 44 Mag lever carbine). Just interesting to me. But every time I look at it, I feel guilty. I'm loyald to my father's model 12.

    Anyone else get this guilty feeling or have loyalty to a firearm because of the previous owner?
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    I have several guns my parents have giving me and will never get rid of any of them. Having said that, i dont see any reason not to expand on your arsenal. If i see a gun i like i buy it. Keep the gifts from your parents in the safe and cherish them. Use the ones you want in the woods. It keeps the "gifts" from getting beat up. Conrats on the new sport. It is a great one. If you have kids be sure to take them hunting. Maybe they will take to it at an earlier age and you can spend time with them hunting as you would have liked to with your parents.

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    I would not feel guilty, there are different uses for different guns and sometimes we just need a change of pace. Get the 7600 and split time with the Model 70. If the Model 70 is an old one you will find the 7600 pales in comparison, I personally have owned both multiple times and my Model 70 is my go to gun.
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    I wouldn't feel guilty at all, if you like it, buy it.

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    Buy it....nothing wrong with the old bulls having some young calves to hangout with. And yes if that Model 70 is an old say 1964 or older...it s an awesome gun and should beat anything in your collection. I have one that is about 10 years old in 270, that has the "old style" action, and it is amazing. It makes me look like a sniper. Very accurate.
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    Sure...I have a model 94 passed down to me by my grandfather. I felt guilty about it being in the safe all by itself, so I bought a whole bunch more rifles to keep it company. I wouldn't want it to be lonely in there.

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    No reason for any guilty feelings. I'd be proud to have a sidearm or rifle from past generations...baby that heirloom and see to it that it gets 'properly' passed on...
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    I have my dad's old 1965 Colt Detective Special, and I carry it as much or more than my other guns, especially in the summer months.

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