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Do you wear any pro gun shirts?

This is a discussion on Do you wear any pro gun shirts? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have Rock River Arms and a 'NRA- The 2nd Amendment; America's original Homeland Security' shirts. I have never had any negative comments just pro ...

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Thread: Do you wear any pro gun shirts?

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    I have Rock River Arms and a 'NRA- The 2nd Amendment; America's original Homeland Security' shirts. I have never had any negative comments just pro or people asking questions- how can I sign up for the NRA? etc. My wife has a NRA shirt too.

    I like the 'Don't tread on me' t shirt on the NRA site, I probably pick one of those up next.

    I don't put any NRA/ pro gun stickers on my vehicles, I don't want to invite some scumbag to break my window in search of a gun that isn't there anyway.

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    I have an NRA, Texas State Rifle Association and a sticker for my local gun club on the rear window of my vehicle. I also have several shooting team shirts as well as a few "T"s that are gun or 2A oriented, though I don't normally wear the team shirts out in the general public. If you want a pro gun T-shirt, sign or anything else with a logo/slogan/political view) then go for it. I've never met, known, heard or read of anyone in the last 20 years who's personally had their house or car broken into by someone looking to steal firearms because of a gun related bumper sticker in the window or the owner wears a "Team SIG" or "Make Mine A GLOCK" shirt. The fact is there have been a number of studies done on this same subject, mainly with inmates at jails/prisons who'd been convicted of burglary, robbery, theft and similar crimes. To a man, they said gun themed stickers on a car or home had no positive influence (make it more likely) on whether they would rob that house, individual or car. Actually, many of them said it had the opposite effect and if they saw a sign/shirt saying the owner was possibly armed, they would look elsewhere for a potentially less dangerous victim. Some of you may remember that John Stossel did a report on the same subject a year or so ago for ABC's 20/20 with the exact same results.

    BTW, during the interviews with prisoners mentioned earlier, it was also asked what effect KNOWING that a potential victim was armed had on how they picked a mark. The three responses were either, A) If there's something in a house/car that he really wants or he's on drugs and needs to score for a fix, knowing the owner has a gun didn't matter because the BG will still go after it. B) If a BG is seriously out to hurt you and/or has a personal ax to grind with you, knowing you own a gun doesn't matter because the BG will still find a way to get you. C) If it's a crime of opportunity (as most home, car and armed robbery/assault victims are), the BG is looking for a quick, easy and relatively safe score and if he knows the victim is likely to offer armed resistance, 95% said they will look for an easier - and less dangerous to them - target.

    The bottom line seems to be if a BG wants you personally or you have something specific he/she wants, the threat of a weapon won't deter them. OTOH, for victim's of opportunity, crooks will almost always look for easier pickings if they think you're armed and will put up a fight.

    OTOH, if you are worried about being singled out as a gun owner by a potential BG or gun control supporter, don't display or wear pro gun logos. It's your choice and it's called Freedom Of Speech, aka the 1st amendment. It's the one in the Constitution that comes just before the right to keep and bear arms we here support and like to talk so much about!
    "... Americans... we want a safe home, to keep the money we make and shoot bad guys." -- Denny Crane

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    Nope. Have considered buying the occasional Pro 2 A shirt.
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    I have a couple Glock shirts and don't wear them a lot but I am not much of a T shirt person. Have to be in the right mood. My son wants one of the NRA "Don't Tread on Me" shirts so I am going to get that for him and I will probably get something for me too. I have NRA stickers on both my cars.
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    I'm another who does not pay much for T-shirts. I don't have an NRA hat yet, don't have any gun related shirts either. About the only pro-gun things I have are the Springfield XD Logo and NRA logo on my Myspace page bulletin board, and the NRA sticker on the inside tinted back window of my truck.

    Not to say the thought has not crossed my mind to wear some gun related shirts on stage at gigs, however, I'd have to be ready to have some major "political debates" with the local Alt/Punk/Indie musicians who are often anti-gun liberals with an axe to grind.

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    I don't wear anything with gun logos on them. I don't personnaly subscribe to the belief that all BGs are woosies and will run at the sight of a Glock Logo or exit the house in cold fear when I jack a round into my pump shotgun. My experience with the other element as a Corrections teacher (reform school) and a behavior class Teacher (alternative school) has convinced me that letting them know I have a weapon is only make them more likely to pick me as an initial target. Once they decide to strike, weapons are not going to deter them. You have to put at least one of them down before they get a "mortality check." They don't really believe that mere "civilians" have the stones to fire at them. Comrades going down does tend to lead to replanning measures however!
    Retired Marine, Retired School Teacher, Independent voter, Goldwater Conservative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CenCal View Post
    Nope. Don't have any gun shirts. I really don't have anything that would indicate a pro-gun inclination. After obtaining my CCW here in CA, I feel the need to conceal all involvement with guns.

    I did see a black sticker on a truck today that said, "Got SIG" in white letters. In CA, that is saying something. You really don't see that everyday.
    +1 No need to attrack any attention to yourself while c/c....
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    I try not to wear anything with a gun on it anymore. As much as I would like to fight for the Second Amendment in full force I also have a family to feed and protect. Maybe when the kids are all growed up and on their own but for now I wear gunless shirts. I do own a few Second Amendment shirts though.

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    I wear pro gun, pro shooting, pro particular gun shop and pro military shirts from time to time.
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    I don't wear any logo shirts because they freak out the Seattle liberals.
    I do wear 511 polos because they look brand new even after a few months and they don't shrink ever.
    I recently ordered a Shabak shirt jacket from IsraelMilitary and it fits perfectly.
    I ordered a medium since I wear small usually. Their sizes are smaller than they are marked.
    Vince K
    Aerospace Designer, Freemason, NRA member

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    Do you wear any pro gun shirts?

    No... I don't like shirts with any illustrations on them. Plain T's for me. Dont wear hats eather...
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    New to the site

    Hi yall,
    I'm new here so I'm just going to jump in. I dont have any shirts however I have a Glock and a S&W gym bag that I take to the gym. It gets some interesting looks....


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    I wear them when appropriate, and here in eastern NC it usually is.

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    Short answer, no.

    Just joined the NRA a few months back. I might wear something NRA. I belong to a few social organizations, and I wear a cap with a logo sometimes. I don't like to advertise, so the short answer is no, especially something like a Glock hat or shirt. When I carry, I don't like to give people guesses as to what I am carrying.

    For example some anti has a problem with me because of some message on my shirt about Glocks, tells LEO, "...that guy flashed his Glock...", what go you know I have a Glock, question and answer time.

    I don't think it is wrong to do, just not my thing.
    NRA Member

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    I have a Glock shirt that I wore once. It is the "This is my Glock.." R. Lee Ermey shirt. I also have one NRA shirt, the new Gadsden shirt. I have wore that a few times. From behind, there is nothing gun related, just the coiled snake and "Don't Tread On Me"....on the front left chest it says "NRA".

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