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Thread: Firearms and family history

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    Firearms and family history

    A little backstory first. This year my wife and I decided to become gun owners. We did the NRA first steps pistol class and the NC concealed carry classes.

    Earlier this year my wife's paternal grandmother and grandfather both passed. Due to her new interest in firearms she was given some pistols with a little family history and I though you guys might find this interesting.

    So show and tell time.

    First we have an Iver Johnson 67s chambered in .32.
    Her father picked this up somewhere along the line. From what I've read they were mediocre revolvers. Build quality seems to bear that out but it look shootable. We aren't sure if we are going to keep it or get rid of it.

    Next up we a pistol bought in 1982 for her mother. A complete Ruger Mark 1 with the box and all original paperwork including the sales receipt, MI safety inspection slip, manual and the join the NRA card. (somehow I left hat out of photo). This one is in perfect working and cosmetic condition.

    Next we have a revolver from the Eibar region of Spain. I don't have much info on this one. I can't really make out any manufacturer marks but from what I know it dates to the 1920s and we believe it was owned by her great granfather. I don't trust this one to be fired.

    This was her grandfathers pistol a 1903 Colt pocket hammerless in .32 ACP. The serial number places the date on manufacture at 1909. It appears to me in fine working order but we are going to get and armorer to go through it first.

    The last one I find most interesting. This pistol is .25 and the only marks we can make out in the word "Nonpariel" It was owned by her Great Great Grandmother. As the story goes G-G-grandma and her two sisters were attacked by indians in Michigan back in the day when MI was still pretty wild. Her two sisters were killed and scalped. This pistol saved G-G-grandmas life and is the only reason why that part of the family line exists today. More info on the pistol would be greatly appreciated.

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    You definitely have some 'history' there.
    I'm curious to see what the 'experts' have to say about your pistols...and someone WILL know.

    Certainly some family history to hang on to...
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    Great story, and guns.
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    Milke, please hang on to those,you will never be able to replace them,even if you get the .25 refurbished the collectors value should stay close to good/excellent condition.Shoot/depend on the modern firearms,admire the art and craftmanship in the older ones.
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    All look interesting but that is one fine looking Colt hammerless.


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    You can't sell those, MLong... even if NONE of them will shoot, those are family heirlooms... clean 'em up and do a little research on 'em...

    Those aren't "safe queens" with some serious family history, I don't know what is...
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    Quote Originally Posted by boscobeans View Post
    All look interesting but that is one fine looking Colt hammerless.

    I second that!

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    Very fine collection, mlong623.

    The Ruger Mark I and the Colt are extremely desirable collector's items. I would hold on to them, for sure. The Colt should be safe to shoot, but it's probably a good idea to have it checked by a gunsmith.

    The Spanish revolver is a cheap counterfeit of a Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector. They were made from inferior steel and most weren't even heat treated. Put it in a frame and hang it on the wall.

    Keep the Iver Johnson and the little .25, too, for the family connection.

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    I've got a 1903 Colt Pocket pistol like that, it's a smooth shooter, my wife loves shooting it for some reason. It actually belonged to her grandfather who at one time carried it concealed in a CALIFORNIA county. She even has his old concealed carry permit.

    Great story about the guns they have a lot of family history attached to them, especially the little .25 revolver. As far as refinishing anything, me personally, I'd clean them up, lube 'em, and leave them as they are.
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    The Iver Johnson is the only one we were considering getting rid of.
    Mostly because her dad still has the pistols that matter to him (never get rid of your carry piece(s) right?) and he doesn't consider the IJ "his" gun. Does that make any sense? Thinking on it more, the IJ will probably become more interesting as time passes. The rest are definitely keepers.

    PPK, the colt is my wife's favorite too. Ladies and Colts must be something like Ladies and pickups. It's a beautiful thing.

    Time to go safe shopping. My little document fire safe ain't big enough for these and the one it in now.

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    That little Ruger was a ton of fun at the range today, Mike! Definitely keep that one around. I think the Mrs will have a great time with it next time we all head out to the range :)
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    I wish my family had heirlooms like that, we don't have anything! I hope to change that when the time comes.

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    What a great collection, thanks for sharing.
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    Yeah that was fun. I liked the ruger too. It's a sweet shooter. For its age its pretty much a new gun that needs breaking in.

    The IJ is in the never use category. The thing kept locking up and the cost to repair is well over its value.

    Oh well.
    Now I get add a nice snubby on the to-get eventually list.

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