"How To" Function Check The Colt 1911

"How To" Function Check The Colt 1911

This is a discussion on "How To" Function Check The Colt 1911 within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I thought that I just would post a searchable Forum Thread on Function Checking the Colt & Colt Clone Pistols. This is a Very Good ...

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Thread: "How To" Function Check The Colt 1911

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    Post "How To" Function Check The Colt 1911

    I thought that I just would post a searchable Forum Thread on Function Checking the Colt & Colt Clone Pistols. This is a Very Good Link with Photos.
    Please run this check with EVERY new Firearm...Every firearm that is NEW to you and every firearm that has had custom work done to it AND every Colt type pistol that you have added aftermarket parts to.
    Be A Safe Shooter! ~ Do The Check! It's FAST & EASY to do!
    Courtesy Of D. Kamm. Thank You D. Kamm.

    CLICK HERE TO VIST the D. Kamm Function Check Instruction Page.

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    GREAT link ya posted there QK!...........a 'need to know" for everybody not just the 1911 guys.....
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    Good ref' material QK
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    Excellent information. Absolutely "must know" for anyone buying a 1911 style pistol. I've used this procedure for years. Thanks, QK.

    Note: The gun's current owner may not appreciate seeing the slide being slammed home on an empty chamber in this fashion, even though it is a critical safety check. Tell the owner what you intend to do beforehand and why, and limit it to one or two attempts.
    This is a never ending debate. Some say this damages the pistol, others say it doesn't. Personally, I don't think it does. In 10 years of carrying the 1911 as an Army MP, I slammed the slide closed on an empty chamber (during guard mount inspection, issue & turn-in, etc.) literally thousands of times. This never damaged any pistol that I know of.

    And also, when I find a 1911 pistol at a gun show, I always ask the seller if I can perform these tests. If the pistol's action is secured with a cable tie and the seller refuses to remove it, I'll pass it by.

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    CC - I agree completely. I always, always do that -- or I don't buy the gun. It sure hasn't hurt any of mine.
    And, I did pick up a 1911 some years ago at a gun shop where the slide stop would not release the slide at all. Wouldn't go down using both of my thumbs on it. It was just jammed up and I didn't bother to find out why. I guess a more likely defect would be to have the hammer follow the slide, but I've not personally seen that.

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    Great stuff QK!

    These checks really saved me some heartache when I used them to check my 1911 after some 'smithing a few (10?) years ago. The "gunsmith" had really screwed up the hammer/sear engagement, and it had hammer follow everytime the slide dropped. Since I tested it right in front of him (before I paid), he couldn't argue. I ended up paying for parts only and took it to a better gunsmith!

    On a related note: I was at the local gun store/range on Monday and a couple of guys came in with a brand new Para Ord, not sure what model. It was SA (not LDA) and single stack. Their story was that while holstering it cocked and locked in the house, it fired. It was frozen solid, with the discharged brass still in the chamber. My first thought was that he had his finger inside the trigger guard while holstering, but the guy swore up and down that the safety was on. I'm not sure how you can get a locked 1911 to fire, but it was either a horribly dangerous defect or the guy screwed up. Either way, he's lucky all he injured was the floor and his pride. Before I left they were talking about sending it back to Para Ord for repair, but I don't know what the final outcome was.
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    Thumbs up Great Addition DuckHunter

    That is exactly what can be avoided by doing that simple check!
    Thanks for posting that.

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    Great stuff as always QK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud White
    Great stuff as always QK
    I posted in the holster section a reply, so I won't bother typing it again. If ya wanna read it.

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    Maybe you could/should make this a Sticky near the top of General Firearm Discussion for future reference and those new to the 1911.
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    good info
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    Ya'll may have already seen this animation, but for those that haven't, it gives a good example of how a 1911 works.

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    Thanks that was a good read.
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