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44 Mag

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    44 Mag

    Got to shoot dr_cmg's 44 Mag today. Shot at a 1 Gallon Milk jug filled with water and the top screwed down tight. Shot was made with a hollow point round. Made the shot and the World blew up!

    Well actually I followed his lead as he had already shot a like target. We been needing some rain in this part of Alabama anyway so for a short moment, it rained. LOL! What a sight when that thing blew! My wife, who was sitting in her wheel chair, grabbed her heart and said her favorite words with greater intensity than she usually says them, "My Soul"! What fun today on the range!

    Take Care all
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    Sounds like a great time.
    I used to set up plastic milk jugs for our .22 pistols. We shot at quite a distance, but we would fill them with water and coloring. That would enable one to see 'where' you hit it.
    Obviously, with a .44mag, that's not a problem...if the jug disappears, you hit it.

    Glad you wife enjoyed the day, too!
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    Sounds like a great demonstration of hydrostatic shock. I always did something like this to show new shooters the dramatic effect a bullet can produce.


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    It is always fun to shoot tgt's like that and 12 oz cans full of liquid..

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    Sounds like a great time.
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