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Thread: Rohrbaugh Grips

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    Question Rohrbaugh Grips

    Chris would probably be the guy to answer this but, I'll let you all of you other folks eavesdrop in on the conversation.


    Are the Rohrbaugh grips perfectly flat on the flip side ~ AKA the internal face? Or are they inset into the pistol frame?

    How thick are the grips at their thickest?

    If you were to draw an exact square or rectangle around the grip panel...what would those dimensions be. AKA How high & how wide are they?

    As I think I mentioned I'll likely be buying a Rohrbaugh as my next firearm purchase. Unless something else catastrophically expensive breaks in this nightmare of a monster home of mine.

    Anyway...The reason I'm asking is that I want to cut some ivory slabs in order to make a set of ivories for my new pistol...that I don't have yet.

    The actual reason being that I've got to cut the ivory a couple of months in that the slabs can "Stress Relieve" themselves before I make them perfectly that critical info will be extremely helpful.

    BTW: ~ This is not an emergency request.
    An answer any time within the next couple of weeks would be great.
    I won't be cutting any tusk up for a week or so anyway.
    As Always...Thanks & Much Appreciated.

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    How nice! Custom ivory grips on a Rohrbaugh! That'll deserve some nice pics when complete!
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    QK - the grips are flat underneath - no engagement in the frame that I recall - in fact looking inside of mag channel - there is no frame cut-away at all.

    The right panel tho - and note this - is machined inside at the top to allow the trigger transfer bar free passage. That right panel is thus a part of the gun functionally.

    The original CF grips in blue are finished, and the more recent black CF's are also all but done - way too costly now, tho will be available to special order. (Plus - very toxic material for machining too).

    The new grips will soon be G-10 and probably be very nice.

    Because the grips do not index on the frame internally - the screw hole centers are critical - I mean real critical -so bottom line, making new grips will NOT IMO be at all easy. Nothing is impossible of course but I think this might not be that easy of a project QK.

    Oh and BTW - they are working towards having a black slide in a few months plus - the recent frames are coming thru with a process carried out by S&W which makes them sorta pre-self lubing to improve wear resistance.

    Oops you asked re thickness - hang on - I'll check. They are tapered bottom to top - and max thickness is nominally 150 thou, tapering to 80 thou at top.

    Check in over at the R Forum time to time to keep up to speed on changes or check with me again later.

    Chris - P95
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    Thumbs up Talk about fast service.

    Man that was quick...totally unexpected.

    Oh I learned from making one or two costly past errors doing pistol grips in ivory to make a brass template exactly locating the holes should not be a problem...& doing the machine work for the transfer bar should not be a problem for me either.
    The toughest ivory grips that I ever made were for the Walther PPK/S ~ They sure were a huge P I T A

    Hey...I'll probably be the first person with Ivory Rohr Grips.

    Oh Yes....I will do pics for the forum.

    Absolutely, I would like the darker slide.
    Geesh...what a great little firearm. I'm super excited about getting my mitts on one of my own.

    Thanks Chris.

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    Gonna make Ivory Grips huh? that will be cool

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    QKShooter - I would LOVE to see them if you do it; I would wonder if that particular material might not be maybe just a little too soft/ fragile..?
    I'm thinking of trying to make a set for my R9s once my shop is completed
    (it's currently in progress). Mine though, will likely be of a different than original man made material. Your idea sounds wonderful; please share pics w/ us all, if you do it!

    Eric Howland
    Savannah, GA.

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    Thumbs up erh

    Absolutely...I will.

    Happy to do it.

    Ivory is great. They will hold up more that just fine.
    Secret is never to get Ivory too hot working or drilling it (especially on the "end grain" ~
    Always use brand new drill bits & fresh sanding disks & carbide cutters.
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