Training for shooting with either hand

Training for shooting with either hand

This is a discussion on Training for shooting with either hand within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I read a post that made me think of this. Who trains for shooting left/right or right/left? Seems prudent if something happens to your strong ...

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Thread: Training for shooting with either hand

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    Training for shooting with either hand

    I read a post that made me think of this. Who trains for shooting left/right or right/left? Seems prudent if something happens to your strong hand.
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    I try to make a point of shooting weak handed when I practice. I have yet to go to a match that requires a weak hand shoot course of fire, but you never know. I was required to shoot ten shots weak hand for my state CC course, and I'm sure there is good reason. I know I should practice more weak hand than I do. Training?

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    Weak hand shooting is actually the way I diagnose problems with my strong hand shooting. I THINK about my technique more in my weak hand, therefore if I notice something that I am NOT doing right with my strong hand, I can correct. Other than that I try to shoot at least as much with my weak hand unsupported as I do strong hand suported. My way of looking at it is that if I have both hands available I will be shooting strong hand. If I have to shoot off-hand I will only have one hand to do it.
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    In the IDPA matches I used to attend, there was always a weak hand course of fire; it always seemed logical to me to train also with my left (weak) hand; you never know.
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    This is something I am going to have to try. Although I am right handed I eat and drink left handed, fish left handed, bat left handed, golf left and right handed. Being able to shoot left handed could be a life saver.
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    When I went for my CCW training my instructor recommended that everyone practice with their off hand. Not because of possible injury but because of possible position and cover considerations. If you have to peek around a left corner you have to expose more of yourself to look and fire with your right then with your left. Seemed logical to me so I do some practice with my left. I like the idea of having most of me behind something solid in case the person I'm shooting at shoots back.

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    I've done it during courses, but seldom 'practice' shooting with my weak hand...should do more.
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    I started doing this after I broke the wrist on my right hand, still try and keep it up, not always every visit to the range.

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    I try to do it some. Not as much as i should. I was suprised at how accurate i was. I cant even pick my nose left handed. Speed on the other hand leaves a LOT to be desired.

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    I train with left hand every trip to the range, I use a cane with my right hand. I carry CZ 82 or FEG PA 63 on my right hip, but I also have P64 in pocket holster in left front pocket.

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    I think most LE agencies require weak hand shooting as part of qualifying. I know mine did. Weak hand from 25 yards...boy I sucked....and that was from a barricade.
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    I've posted this story before at this site but it applies to this thread so here goes. I retired in 2004 and wanted to do some things that I hadn't had the time to indulge in prior to that event. I bought an identical pair of Ruger P90 handguns in .45 [no safety/ambidextrous decockers]. We quickly dubbed them "Thelma and Louise". I intended to teach myself to shoot with both hands the way I'd seen it done on television and in the movies. Another grand scheme gone awry. I soon learned that with almost daily practice I was able to shoot about as well with either hand out to 25 yards if I shot with that hand only. The only thing I accomplished trying to shoot with both hands at the same time was to spray an IDPA target all over top to bottom and side to side at very short yardage. If I can do it you can too. The key is practice.

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    I also practice off hand shooting on a regular basis. However, the one thing I need to incorporate more, into both strong hand and off hand shooting, is reloading and racking, with offhand and strong hand, as if one hand was totally incapacitated and all you had was the shooting hand to perform all functions. It's great to be able to shoot accurately with both hands, but what happens when your magazine is empty and you need more firepower? I'm laughing because I KNOW someone is going to suggest a New York let's assume you are not carrying a BUG.
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    I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

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    I dry-fire practice with both of my carry handguns 2-3 times per week. Each session includes two-handed and one-handed with each hand. You never know what skill you may need in an SD incident.
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