New shooter went to the range with me today!

New shooter went to the range with me today!

This is a discussion on New shooter went to the range with me today! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I got the opportunity to take a brand new shooter with me to the range today. It was a pretty good day in all. She ...

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Thread: New shooter went to the range with me today!

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    New shooter went to the range with me today!

    I got the opportunity to take a brand new shooter with me to the range today. It was a pretty good day in all. She ended up shooting every gun I had out there 9mm, 45, 12ga, AR, 22, and 30-06. Her favorite was the good old full size 1911. She's going to try and convince her parents to buy her a gun for Christmas, probably a 22 rifle. Her brother went also, both college aged kids, both had a great time.

    The guns decided to act up a little today. The 1911's had a couple of FTE's, probably due to the new shooters, and I also have a 22# spring in there and shooting reloads. The other problem child was my Spikes Tactical 22 conversion for the AR. Mostly the ejected rounds would get caught by the bolt. Spikes does say that some tuning would probably be necessary. I trimmed off 2 coils like most recommend and plan to try again tomorrow.

    Sorry no pics, I let the kids take home their trophies for show and tell. The lady took home a 2 liter she destroyed with some .223 and a sheet of paper she hit with the 30-06 at 100 yards with just a 4x scope (pretty impressive since we were shooting pretty much free handed). Her brother got 1 out of 4, and I managed a 2" group with my 4.

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    Sounds like they had a great time.

    I've invited several people to go with me to the range. I don't mind sharing my ammo.

    Here's the way I see it: The more people we can influence, the better chance we have of retaining our RKBA.

    I think everybody on DeeCee dot com should make an effort to invite newbies to the range.

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    Sweet,when I take a newbie to the range I may never fire a shot except to instruct and teaching them all the basics starting with safety just watching the excitement is as much fun to me as them
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    Sounds like a 'fun day' for both of you...a bad day at the range is always better than a good day at work.
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    My newbie was my wife. After 10 years together, she finally agreed that if we were going to have guns in the house, she should know they worked. And now when it comes time to do our chores, she say's, "can't we just go to the range".
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    It's always fun to take a new shooter and introduce them to the joys of shooting.

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