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Thread: Unloading?

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    Ok, heres another for the "Stupid questions" topic.

    when, where, and how often do you unload your carry piece? How often do you unload the magazine, and or swap.

    Doesn't leaving bullets in the mag wear out the spring? what is the useful life of a magazine. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshi
    Ok, heres another for the "Stupid questions" topic.

    when, where, and how often do you unload your carry piece? How often do you unload the magazine, and or swap.

    Doesn't leaving bullets in the mag wear out the spring? what is the useful life of a magazine. Thanks
    1) No stupid questions, if you don't know!

    2) I unload my weapon once a week for cleaning off what has built up from lint from clothes, etc with a cue tip. If I didn't shoot it that week I simply do this and lube if necessary by putting a dab on each rail and letting it run down and also lube the bbl. If I did shoot it I will clean it with a simple field strip with a normal cleaning process.

    3) I do not carry ammo longer than 6 months to rotate it (preference really) and leaving bullets in a mag does not wear it out, reloading and use does. The useful life of a mag varies as to the use and quality of the mag in question so that's hard to answer and I don't know what or if there is an actual answer for this. I can tell when my mag spring is not to my liking and a little to easy to load and this is when I change them. Right or wrong? I don't know this is just my way of doing it for my liking.

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    I unload mine fairly frequently to practice drawing from concealment and dryfire drills. I'm still testing different ammo types for carry, so I usually fire the rounds in my carry mag every few weeks. Probably not necessary but fun nonetheless. I don't worry about my mag springs wearing out, I use Wilson 47's with Tripp Research springs and followers. Those springs are heavy duty! Easily replaceable too, which is why I chose this setup. Oh, forgot to mention my carry piece is a Colt Commander, steel frame, just to put all of that in context.
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    I'll second Ti.

    Magazines will last indefinatly if cared for (replace springs, followers if necessary) and they don't develop cracks. I have and still use regulaly, magazines manufactured by M. S. Little Mfg. Co. and Risdon Tool & Machine Co. during WWII.
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    The only time I unload is when I go to the range or do dry fire drills. At lest twice a month.

    Two loaded at all times, and two unloaded. Once a month I swap them around, just to be safe. According to ISMI, and Wolff Springs the cycling of the springs is what causes ware. Sound logical to me.

    I don't know for sure about other manufactures, but Glock states with the bottom pad off of the mag the spring should extend at least one inch past the bottom of the mag body. If less then that, failure to feed or lock the slide back, replace the spring.

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    Ti has it about covered.

    Regardless of mag spring theory one way or another, I'll change to another mag periodically and empty out the previous one in use. Plus when getting to range of course they'll see some fill and empty action.

    Main thing is lint removal re cleaning - but also there will be unloading at times for dry fire. I have been tending to use my 228 for holster/dry fire drills as it is so similar and these days 226 stays loaded longer between times.
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    I rotate through 3 different carry pistols. When I put one "in service" I load it---if G21 then 13+1, if G27 11+1. It remains loaded for a couple of weeks with my defensive JHPs, then I remove the magazine and replace all but 5 of the JHPs with FMJs for firing at the range. After returning from the range, I detail strip, inspect, and clean as necessary. This pistol will remain unloaded for a while.

    I usually have 2 in service, at least 1 always, so dry-fire practice is with the currently unloaded pistol.

    Must not be caught cleaning a pistol without another loaded one handy!! Remember that one scene in "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"?

    I also use a different magazine during each cycle, so I eventually rotate through all of them. I cycle through my inventory of JHPs by firing a few on each range trip. Rotate the stock!
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    I leave the mags loaded , unless I am shooting them.
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    I do pretty much what Ti said....I also rotate mags out too.
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    Personal choice, I'd say. Modern weaponry has advanced eons.

    Wild Bill reloaded his cap and ball pistols every day, whether he used them the previous day or not. He didn't want to take the chance that, when needed, they would fail.

    Your call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky
    I leave the mags loaded , unless I am shooting them.
    I agree with Rocky and Ti mostly i shoot my carry ammo every 6 months or so

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