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Shotgun or Pistol?

This is a discussion on Shotgun or Pistol? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Not considering the shotgun vs pistol for home SD arguments, there is only one issue concerning the pistol. If you can't carry all the time, ...

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Thread: Shotgun or Pistol?

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    Not considering the shotgun vs pistol for home SD arguments, there is only one issue concerning the pistol. If you can't carry all the time, and you go with pistol, just make sure to secure it in a safe / lock-box when not in use. If one of your roomates or family gets ahold of the pistol and does something (stupid things happen), I think there are more laws concerning pistols then shotguns. Just a rough though.

    IMO, go pistol. Easier to secure.
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    Might want to look at something in a 9X18 Makarov. Plenty of good Eastern Bloc surplus around. Should be able to pick on up for well under $300.

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    Quote Originally Posted by varob View Post
    Shotgun for home, pistol can be used for both, home and carry. Depending on what you get, you might have to look at used guns to meet your budget.
    That pretty much sums it up.
    pistol can be used for both, home and carry
    That's what you would want, plain and simple. Agreed on the $ more, get something that's concealable and mobile. Shotgun is pretty much a dedicated instrument here......home only, and you should have something with more options than that, and a pistol can be hidden better almost anywhere versus a shotgun under lock and key or not.

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    Have you looked at the Smith & Wesson Sigma "Allied Forces", SW9VE. On par with a Glock 17 but a fraction of the price. Trigger is pretty heavy at 8 pound Double Action Only. But for self defense gun with no external safeties thats a good thing. It only goes off if you mean it.

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    Centerfire Systems, Inc. - Your Home For Ammo, Firearms, Magazines, and Gun Accessories

    Go there, they have a few things well within your budget
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    Think about taking a look at Bersa. Very affordable and very underrated. The 13 round 9mm is one of the best deals going.

    Here's someplace to get some reviews and feedback: :: Bersa Talk ::
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    In your situation, I would go for the pistol/ might consider a S&W snubbie.
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    Not my gun, but there's a guy with a S&W 5904 for $275 on XDTalk...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuda66 View Post
    Not my gun, but there's a guy with a S&W 5904 for $275 on XDTalk...
    Hey cuda, yeah thats ME! I do indeed have a police trade in 9mm on XD talk that would fit the bill $275 shipped. lots of finish wear, but solid as a tank. I need the money to fund my AR build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knuckledragr View Post
    Hey cuda, yeah thats ME! I do indeed have a police trade in 9mm on XD talk that would fit the bill $275 shipped. lots of finish wear, but solid as a tank. I need the money to fund my AR build.
    The 59 and 69 series of S&W are good guns,all steel and I have a 6906 I got used recently for about 300.00,It eats everything I feed it including lead reloads
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    Just get both if you can afford it. I have my off-duty weapon and other handguns in the closet as well as a maverick pistol grip/shoulder stock combo 12 gauge with 00 buck alternated with a 1oz. slug. If it comes I am ready.
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    I think a used Smith and Wesson J-frame snubby is a good choice. Since this will be the only gun with you, I suggest:

    1) Reliability -- you won't have a back up gun or alternate carry gun so your gun must always work and never misfire or jam. This points you to a revolver (from a trusted manufacturer). You won't need to do a whole lot of maintenance or disassembly... just clean it.

    2) Flexibility -- a J-frame can easily be carried with an IWB holster or even a pocket holster. Warm weather won't discourage you from carrying.

    3) Suitable caliber -- .38 special or .357 magnum -- decent stopping power in a small gun.

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    Bersa 9mm. Excellent quality for the price.

    IU or PU?

    -- ex-Hoosier, here.
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    OK ..... as the father of a college senior here's my response. Go the shotgun route. My reasoning;

    - While I'm sure you know the folks that you'll share the house with, you may not know them under all circumstances. No offense but young college dudes have been known to behave ..... differently from time to time. Should someone decide to play with your hardware a shotgun is not as interesting as "a toy" and it's not as easy to slip under a shirt, jacket, etc. It's not impossible for someone to have 3-4 beers and want to play John Wayne.

    - A shotgun is (IMO) the best for home protection.

    - A shotgun doesn't come in 357 cal so you're not likely to send a round through your neighbors living room.

    - As mentioned, handguns probably have more legal issues around them in the event of a shot being fired.

    - You may find that you want to do some hunting or clays this fall. Hanguns a tricky when shooting clays.

    - Keeping a firearm is a learning experience for everyone in the house. It's a process that should never end. Again, in my opinion only, a shotgun is a good "first step".

    - Ammo can be had for a shotgun, easy and inexpensive....relatively speaking.

    So regarding my son, he carried his 870 to school is 2nd & 3rd year at school. Apartment w/3 other guys. I believe all of them had their shotguns. No handguns. This year he's rooming w/just one other guy. I may see a way to let him carry a handgun this year. The guys are older, fewer in the house, more predictable behavior.

    Sorry for the fatherly thing but believe me.....most of the dumb things that will happen in your life will be packed in before your 25 yrs old. It doesn't have to be your doing, just being around the right folks at the right time. Don't let it be with your own handgun.

    Good luck and stay safe. Final word; Whatever you decide be sure to determine your locking/security process for the weapon and use it every time. And teach your roomies gun safety in only black and white terms. There are no gray areas. None at all.
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    You already have an XD9 so that covers your carry gun. A shotgun can be had for under your budget and still be a formidable defensive tool. The Mossberg Maverick 88 can be hand brand new from Wal-Mart for around 180 bucks, or 200 at most. A used Remington 870 can be had for under 300 and would serve you well for years to come. If this gun is meant to be left at home to defend it, then a 12 gauge shotgun would be my choice.
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