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Whatcha think about this....

This is a discussion on Whatcha think about this.... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Pikachu711 Mardet65, I love the "We will not deal with anyone going door to door." It's simple, direct, inoffensive and gets your ...

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Thread: Whatcha think about this....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachu711 View Post
    Mardet65, I love the "We will not deal with anyone going door to door." It's simple, direct, inoffensive and gets your point across. I think I'll put a sign like that on my door.

    As much as I respect the people who do this from a religious perspective (JW's/LDS/Etc.) it works well with the door to door salesmen as well. They are out there too.

    Thanks for the idea!
    I'm getting a lot more rest these days not having to jump up and answer the door bell. Most, I'd say 99.9% read the sign and don't even bother ringing. The very few that still ring only do it once or twice and finally just go away. I might add that my sign also reads; Please respect our privacy and we'll respect yours!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RemMod597 View Post
    You did good, and are not being paranoid.
    We get a couple of these types at our door every couple months. I just call the local cops and report suspicious activity in the neighborhood and give them a good description.
    Once had a guy at the front door. Didn't open it for him, and suddenly realized I was being distracted while his buddy was checking out the rest of the points of access. Got on the phone with 911 right away.
    Anyone unannounced at my door gets my suspicion up immediately, as we have a No Solicitors sign on the door.

    Absolutely. I volunteer at a small local PD and take several calls a month like this. There is always an officer dispatched to check things out.

    You may be armed but it is not something you want to use if the police can take care of it.
    The "news media" has ceased being the watch dog of the people and has become the apologist for an irresponsible government.

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