Ruger Blackhawk Convertible 357mag/9mm?

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Thread: Ruger Blackhawk Convertible 357mag/9mm?

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    Ruger Blackhawk Convertible 357mag/9mm?

    Anybody have experience with this revolver:
    Ruger Blackhawk Convertible Owners, Chime in - Oklahoma Shooters

    My father in law is lusting after one. He lives in IL so no CCW, but he's really into long-barreled revolvers and this looks pretty interesting. Counting 38 special, that's 3 types of ammo in one gun. I've also never seen a 357+9mm before.

    Wondering how it shoots and what a good price would be for new.

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    Don't expect exceptional accuracy with the 9mm ammo. There's a shade of difference in bullet diameter from .38/.357 & substantial "free-bore" (non-rifled cylinder jump) before the 9mm bullet reaches the forcing cone & barrel rifling. Those factors don't (usually) add-up to great accuracy. That being said, the Ruger Blackhawk is a benchmark of SA shooting. Tough, accurate, comfortable, great value. If it's accuracy he's lookin for...the .45 (Colt/acp) Convertible model has a better track-record for tight groups.
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    I had one of thes, and with the .357 cylinder installed it shot very well. Not so great with the 9mm cylinder. Traded it for a .41 mag Blackhawk. The Blackhawk is a great SA revolver. Now if I could only find a S&W Mod. 57 I could afford....I'd have the other .41 I want!

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    Sort of experience with one.

    A guy came into the gunshop with one, the frame was marked .357. He had bought it at an estate auction. He asked if it was true that .38s could be fired in it since he had some old .38s that didn't chamber. We assumed that since he said they were old that they were .38 S&W instead of Special. Sold him a box of .38 Special and .357 and sent him onto the range....

    You guessed it, it was a 9mm cylinder. He had no way to check it and everyone involved assumed it was a .357 because of the frame marking. The SN# was lightly engraved on the cylinder and there is no sign of the .357 cylinder in the auction, it's probably long gone.

    (I offered him a stupidly cheap price for it.... I'm weak, an addict almost. )

    It shot ok, it was not horribly innacurate like some say. Nothing special good or bad.

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    I had some 9mm with lead bullets, that ammo was accurate in a convertable.
    I do not understand no way to check the cylinder to know if it is the 9mm or not. Just lookt in it, the step down in cylinder diameter that catches the case mouth is quite obvious.

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    I Have no idea what these pistols go for now, I bought one back in the mid 80's for around 300.00 new in box and loved it. I didn't use the 9mm cylinder that much but I loved having the option. As far as, that Blackhawk is a sweet shooter. I kick myself in the butt every now and then for ever trading it. It was a beauty! And a real good shooter.

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    I had one and wish I still did, as said the 9mm is not very accurate.
    I bought mine back in the mid 80's for $100, a steal even then.
    They are making the convertible's again and I have one on my wish list.
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    I have one and as everybody has noted before that with the 9 mm cylinder it's not really all that accurate but with the 357 cylinder in and using 357 ammo it's a tack driver. Mine has the 4 5/8 " barrel on it and I love it.

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    I would imagine that one could improve the accuracy of the 9mm cylinder by handloading 9mm brass with .358 bullets (which is easy to do), but I'm not really sure what the advantage of that would be. If one is a handloader, then the cost of loading 9mm or .38 Special (or .357 Magnum for that matter) is basically the same, and the .38 Special and .357 Magnum offer a significantly broader range of options and performance than any 9x19mm, at least to a handloader.

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