Taurus Guns ???

Taurus Guns ???

This is a discussion on Taurus Guns ??? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Awhile back I was reading in one of my shooting magazines about the new Taurus 1911 they will be releasing. What I hear it will ...

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Thread: Taurus Guns ???

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    Taurus Guns ???

    Awhile back I was reading in one of my shooting magazines about the new Taurus 1911 they will be releasing. What I hear it will be the end of May. Everything I read points to it will be a heck of a good gun. What they said is allot of the work done on it in the states it would be a custom gun. I have never owned a Taurus gun. I was wondering what you think of them. I've shoot a few Taurus guns but not enough to know if it is a quality pistol and how it compares with the other brands out their. The article really got my interest in the 1911 they will have out in May but I just want to find out how good a Taurus gun is from some who have had some experience with that brand Thanks

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    My Taurus 85 Ultralite .38 special is great but I don't own a semi-auto by them. I've heard good and bad about them, have shot one and thought it was ok but not the same quality of most major gunmakers. Still for the price, I think they would be pretty good. One word of advice, read the gun magazines for info but take it with a grain of salt. Every see a really bad review in any of them? Shoot well!
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    I also am somewhat in the revo only camp. My old M85 still rocks on and the M66 I keep as a house gun shoots very well.

    I know many folks use and carry Taurus semi's and I cannot in truth say bad from personal experience but - just have my doubts over the quality being quite up there, compared to some other guns - thus to a degree, I feel there is a need to spend more if possible to gain greater quality.

    With semi's I feel a carry piece just has to be high quality - as your life may one day depend on it - plus the same gun must take some use too just to gain practice.
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    Not a CCW but I bought a .22 revolver of theirs awhile back and it shot okay.

    A friend has one f the 85's and a PT-99. The 85 needed a stouter spring than what was supplied to ignite some loads reliably and the PT-99 was a little rough in the trigger pull area.
    But both seem to shoot okay after wards. But to be honest the guy does not shoot them that much.

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    Bigger gunmakers with established reputations have screwed up a 1911 release.

    Wait for the market and reviews on this one.
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    i've owned their revolvers. m94 that never worked right. got rid of it, yes the buyer knew about it's problems.
    tracker .22 mag. still got it. it works great.
    650 cia. it worked fine, but my wife sold it and got a s&w 649.

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    Like most everyone else I tend to thing that Taurus revolvers are very good but not sure on their semis. I have a .357 revo and it has worked very well for me over the years as a range gun/plinker. However, if after it has been out for a while the market and reviews give their 1911 a passing grade I would be interested in one.
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    I had a bad experience with my PT series Taurus. A friend had a (P945 ?) I would be wary of any new design gun they came out with , honestly.
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    Most of us trust NRA, I'm sure. The PT 24/7 was handgun of the year 2005. I like mine just fine. Haven't had a single glitch with it and to me, it seems very well built and sturdy.

    I recommend them. As mentioned, you may wait 6 months to a year after the release of the new gun to read reviews, etc.
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    The samples I fondled at the SHOT Show seemed ok....nothing special, but ok nonetheless.
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    The only pistol that I bought that was new to the market was the USP .45fs.

    I didn't know any better, about waiting to see if it would turn out to be a good pistol or not.

    Now, saying that, I've gotten to the point where I now wait for the testing, the writeups, etc.. from credible sources before I will buy.

    It's a good and a bad thing. Why? Because I bought my USP45fs without waiting and I got it for $600 NIB with two mags. Of which, HK dropped the two mags per gun and the price went up to $650+ to this day. If I had waited and when they got the great writeups, I would have paid at least $50 more and one mag less.

    That's the good about buying first, asking questions later.

    The bad is that it could have turned out to be a POS that I just paid $600 for. So in a way it's a "throw the dice and take your chances" type deal.

    Now to be specific to Taurus. Started out making cheap handguns and that put a bad taste in some peoples mouths. I remember when the Taurus name was used in the same sentence as Jennings and Bryco Arms.

    They did allot to improve, well, the revolver line anyway. Most don't seem to have a problem with their revolvers but still are abit "gunshy" of their pistols. This is one company that I would wait for the writeup first and then decide after.


    *No, not bashing Taurus. I've had about 50/50 luck with them. My .44spl I love, the .38 on my ankle right now needs to have about 150rds put through it for "total reliance thinking" on my part. So far only a .357 went wonky on me, with the cylinder jamming up. Sure, they have a lifetime quaranty(sp) but why should you mess with a new gun with only three cylinders fired before it started to jam/freeze? And then pay to ship it back, wait for it, and then hope to (insert your higher power person here) that it works right.

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    Anybody else carrie a pt101p 40cal

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