Favorite online gun store?

Favorite online gun store?

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Thread: Favorite online gun store?

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    Favorite online gun store?

    What website do you use the most to buy gun accessories and ammo (Not guns)? Why do you like it? What do you normally buy from them?

    For me I like Cheaper Than Dirt. Their prices are fair and they are usually in stock, and are fairly quick on the shipping. Normally I buy scopes, mags and other misc. accessories.

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    I like CDNN for accessories- mainly magazins. ammoman and the armory for ammo.
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    For me its Bravo Company, I have ordered many times from them and every time my order comes just as described and quick

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    Maybe I'm getting old but I believe y'all ought to start showing a little loyalty to your local distributors (and I ain't talkin' Wally World). The main reason you've had all the ammo shortages at WW is cause they ain't showing you any more loyalty than you've shown you deserve. All those idiots care about is how much they can make off you and all you care about is saving a dime on a box of ammo. The local sporting goods store is going the way of the Buffalo because you care more about saving money than mutual support. I've NEVER not been able to get ammo even for the .45/.223/5.56/7.62/10MM and buy a hundred rounds or more whenever I want. The difference? Even if I have to pay a few bucks extra I still get it from the local folks. Guess what? They do their level best to see the regular customers get what they need. If one of the local distributors around here gets a thousand rounds or so of something scarce they make sure every one of their regular customers gets some instead of selling every last round to someone who's gonna put it on the internet and make 500% profit on it. And you don't even want to know what I think of going to the local sporting goods store and trying on weapons until you find one you like and then saving twenty bucks by buying it from someone with an FFL and no inventory.

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    MidwayUSA for common accessories and parts
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    I do not have a favorite, for the simple reason that not all places will ship to Canada. Some places ship some items and then I have to go find some where else that will ship the others. Then it will sit at Customs for awhile or I can find a place in Canada where it is so over priced, most times it is double or even more what it cost in the US.

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