Just hit the Motherlode!

Just hit the Motherlode!

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Thread: Just hit the Motherlode!

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    Just hit the Motherlode!


    Another ho-hum night night turned to gold for me last night. Being off with the kids for spring break this week my son and I went to the range to spray some lead. Afterwards, my buddy asked me if I wanted to come over for a couple of pops, to which I agreed. It was getting late in the night and i was getting ready to leave when I realized I still had my weapons in the trunk of my car. A couple of them were fairly new and I was dying to show them off so I asked my buddy's wife if it was alright to bring them in for show and tell. She is normally on the fence when it comes to guns, neither real anti or pro. I assured her the guns were unloaded and she agreed to let me bring them in. So I brought in my newest additions to the Callahan family a S&W Model 66snubbie, a Browning Hi Power Practical(.40), and a Colt HBAR(.223). I was kind of apprehensive as I didn't know how she would react the the appearance of the Colt. But you could have heard a pin drop when she saw it. My buddy said Wow, is that cool! Slowly a smile creapt on her face as she saw the menagerie of weapons before her. She finally asked when I would take her to the range. She then suggested that maybe we could make it a family affair and bring her kids too. They are 21 and 18. It occurred to me that when people finally get to see what their missing when it come to guns they sell themselves. What a productive night. Seems like I just won 3 or 4 over to our side!
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    Good, we need'em!

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    Great job, Harry! Work out a "Referral Reward" at your range before you take them in!
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    You're right about them selling themselves.
    And, I'm sure you'll drill "the four rules" into their skulls
    before you let 'em fire a single round :)
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    the same as another, and that he is best
    who is trained in the severest school."
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    This is what I love to hear ... yes sirree.

    Always even better when it is not just one more - but the prospect of a family. Good work Sir
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    Good job

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    Excellent! Good job, Inspector
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    Nice job!

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    Very cool.....it's always good to convert "fence sitters" or those hostile about guns.
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    Well done, Harry!
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    Congrats, keep up the good work Harry, if we all could convert a couple of people each month, think how strong we could be.

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