What do you think of this?

What do you think of this?

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Thread: What do you think of this?

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    What do you think of this?

    One happened while a student was attending classes, as a matter of fact it happened last night. The other is an Apprentice going to a job dispatch:

    First one: An apprentice was dispatched to a job. It was away from his home so he was staying in a hotel. Now, many if not most of our members, both Journeymen and Apprentices have CHL's or carry with them when traveling. This "rocket scientist" is staying in a cheap hotel at the job area. He LEAVES his briefcase, which contains all his important papers AND his handgun IN THE CAR overnight instead of taking it to the room with him

    His excuse: He was tired and FORGOT THAT HE HAD THE GUN IN HIS CAR

    Second one, last night: Now this kid (I call him that because he is younger than I but I thought he was smart) had his truck broken into last night. Seems that he had a AR-15 in his truck. Of which, yup, you guessed it, HE LEFT IT IN THE TRUCK INSTEAD OF TAKING IT TO HIS ROOM!

    His exuse: He FORGOT to cover up the rifle with his coat. He also had a Sat. Phone (which costs $$$$ to buy and to operate) right next to it which wasn't stolen.

    Now, in this town there is or are some yahoo's running around with a LOADED AR-15 RIFLE. And in the State some yahoo or yahoo's are running around with a LOADED 9mm PISTOL.

    And to show how little law enforcement that we have in this state, the LEO's in both cases didn't even show up to take a report. Even through the serials were given to them, they (the LEO's) didn't feel as if CRIMINALS RUNNING AROUND WITH LOADED WEAPONS was important enough to actually show up and gather evidence (they didn't even want the evidence that the guy had from last nights break-in, told the guy to "Throw it away").

    And the thing is, I gurantee you that it will find it's way down this way since the bums (oh, Transients) are very active in this area (moved in after the guy that owned the house across the street died and the neighborhood went downhill) and I am their sworn enemy. Now they have just as much firepower as I do at the moment in the house (rifle wise).

    But, back to the subject of these two "Yahoo's", I will not excuse such careless and irresponsible gun ownership practices. How hard is it to carry the damn gun into your room? If you are afraid that someone will see it, then why the hell did you bring it with you in the first place!

    It's gun owners like that that give more fodder to the damn anti's and makes the rest of us look bad.


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    Sorry, Wayne. Pretty frustrating, and I agree - it's bad press and just more fodder. IMHO, both were marginally smart enough to have those weapons anyway.

    Add to above rant...
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    ...hopefully, these two won't decide to replace their losses to only have it repeated.
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    What do I think of this?

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    DOn't think much of either one!

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    I personaly wont get into what i think of thiese fine lads, i will howeaver say that they did have a right to be secure in thier vehicle same as thier home , they are not the bad guys the azzwipes that broke in and stole the guns are to blame , i dont feel bad for the idiots but i refuse to hold them accountable for someone elses felony imho its the same as she wore a short skirt so she deserved to be raped .

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    Very foolish people - not only should they value their possessions and keep them safe but their gun/guns - holy moly - these should be foremost in mind at all times - and I mean ALL times.

    Every gun stolen is ammo for Brady and all the anti's - some more mud they can always fling. In these cases the mud sticks too
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