First impressions of a 2340

First impressions of a 2340

This is a discussion on First impressions of a 2340 within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Well I have had my 2340 for a few days now. It is a ex-LEO gun with nite-sights and an extended Fire Dragon barrel to ...

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Thread: First impressions of a 2340

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    First impressions of a 2340

    Well I have had my 2340 for a few days now. It is a ex-LEO gun with nite-sights and an extended Fire Dragon barrel to comply with Canadian law. It’s also DAO. Cost was $399, with very little holster wear. A good deal as the barrel alone would have been $285

    First thing I noticed that with an empty mag the gun feels a bit front heavy. Trigger pull is close to the standard DA pull, but what I really noticed was the trigger reset is painfully looooong, not sure how well I will do double taps with this gun. Might try to find a DA/SA trigger for it, the whole hammer and springs assembly pops out as one unit and can be swapped easily. Next thing I did was to try out my holsters with it. Results are:

    Gould and Goodrich IWB holster for 226 – NO
    Blackhak Serpa for 226 – NO
    Blackhak Serpa for 229 – NO
    Blackhawk leather Pancake for 229 – Yes it will fit and cover the trigger but does not go in as far as the 229

    The 226 and 229 mags will go in but not lock. In fact the 229 and 2340 mags appear to be identical except for the location of the mag release pin hole, it is slightly lower than the 229. The base plate is different as well.

    Stripping and assembly
    From reading comments on sig forum, I was thinking it was some sort of black art to stripping a 2340, but for those of us that have owned a CZ or a HP you will find it 2nd nature, align the slot and push out the pin, do not use the slide release lever or you may bend it. After that, disassemble like a regular Sig for field stripping. A plus with the 2340, is that by pressing a tab in the back of the mag well, the entire grip slides off exposing the hammer mechanism making that easy to clean and no stripped screws to worry about!

    The guts
    I have to say Sig went to town with this gun, the polymer frame feels and looks very robust, the forward frame rails are part of the locking insert and all of the frame rails were quite beefy. Sig was not looking at minimizing weight at any price! Cleaning and lube was easy, and made a good improvement on the trigger pull.

    I found I was able to pull the gun out of the pancake holster with a good grip everytime, it took some time to get good sight alignment as the weight is different than my other Sigs. I found the location and operation of the mag release to be excellent and mags dropped out easily, when loaded (dummy rds) or empty. I found the tumblehome slide a little odd and slightly harder to grip than my 226ST or 229Elite. The 2340 has Sig rails and precludes the use of my MX3 light, they do allow a slightly thinner frame and reduced depth over the standard rail setup. In my pancake holster the gun is comfortable to wear and not heavy. For CCW one could grind the finger lip off of the mag plate to reduce printing.

    I have yet to fire it, and it will be a few weeks before I can. I suspect it will shoot well, but I think my double taps will suck. I took some pictures with my 229 for comparison. I noted the 2340 is slightly longer in the slide and slightly taller with the mag in. I hope this will help anyone deciding on which Sig to get. I bought this gun because I didn’t to pay full price for another Sig, but I suspect I will breakdown and get a SP2022 at some point.

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    The EFK FireDragon barrels are excellent quality barrels BTW.

    Here is a link just in case any members want to check out their stuff.
    Welcome to

    I probably would eventually shop around for a properly fitting holster.

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    Good price.

    The SIG 2340 was my EDC until I got a SIG 220 SAS DAC.

    I shot it a bunch. Never a problem.

    Still carry it sometimes.

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