Who would've thought...

Who would've thought...

This is a discussion on Who would've thought... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Based on the media, who would have thought that most guns traced in NY came from is NY and not VA, NC, etc. http://www.atf.gov/firearms/trace_da.../newyork08.pdf or ...

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Thread: Who would've thought...

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    Who would've thought...

    Based on the media, who would have thought that most guns traced in NY came from is NY and not VA, NC, etc.


    or that the time from the purchase to the recovery was over three years. Sort of debunks the cooling off period arguments.

    Bloomberg for lying.
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    Not suprising really, that the facts never support the conclusions of the anti's.

    "Cooling off" periods never have been anything more than a scam.
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    No surprise here.
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    Please do not confuse anti's with facts, they will never understand.
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    Is this really a surprise? Trying to explain facts to one of these dimwits is like trying to explain an airplane to a caveman.

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    Bloomberg lies to hide his failures.
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    To be honest, this data is kind of meaningless to me without a more comprehensive breakdown of the circumstances that lead to each individual trace. From the "Time to Crime" page, the total number of firearms "used" (this is not defined) in crimes was 5,385. However, the total number of traces, from the "Top Categories Reported on Firearm Traces With a New York Recovery" was 9,814. These extra traces could easily be unnecessary traces that come from a faulty investigation of a law abiding gun owner. Think about it: neighbor calls police to report "man with a gun" for some reason, police go to collector's home, sieze his "arsenal," run traces to find that (surprise) the guns were legally purchased in NY, and after a few years of legal wrangling the collecter gets some or all of his stuff back. Do that a few times and you have thousands of traces. Now, how do you justify your budget? Make a bunch of vague graphs talking about the traces, whether they had a purpose or not. Nowhere in this report does it state that all of these are guns recovered from crime scenes, or used in crimes. Note that the largest crime that (seems to have) lead to a trace was "Possession of a Weapon." It does not say whether there was a conviction stemming from the circumstances surrounding the trace. Again, those could easily be all the traces the NYPD ran on the lawfully acquired guns their subjects had the audacity to own.

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