Best shooting experience

Best shooting experience

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Thread: Best shooting experience

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    Best shooting experience

    I have a friend who's father owned a big
    junk car yard behind their home in the country
    up in VA. and I have plenty of guns and ammo.
    So the question was just begging to be asked
    Could I shoot at one of the old cars?
    They said yes! We took several guns
    including a Bushmaster AR-15, a Remington Viper .22
    and a Mossberg 500 shotgun and found the
    perfect target. It was a UPS size delivery truck
    with all the windows still in place.
    That truck looked liked it had been in a war
    by the time we had all finished shooting.
    Note: Vehicles do not offer a lot of protection
    even when hit with a .22 bullet. Please feel free to
    share stories of your best shooting experiences.

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    My best shooting experience was when I was 10 years old in LV Nevada,my dad took me and his 22 semi auto out into the foothills outside Manch Manor military housing unit and let me shoot at targets til I was wore out.First experience with a gun outside the bb gun he bought me and taught me safety with.
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    Wow, that one's hard to top.

    For me is was a "men's fellowship" event. Picture a dozen guys out in the boonies with probably fifty guns to choose from!
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    Sounds great PastorPack.
    All the choices

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    Done this one a couple times:
    Range 19 at Ft. Riley, just next to the south gunnery complex.

    Targets are retired armored vehicles.

    The weapon is the M-203 40mm grenade launcher mounted on an M-16

    It's night

    2 firing orders are on line at a time

    One is shooting HEDP (high explosive dual purpose) the other firing parachute flares for illumination.
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    Sounds like fun Daddy Warcrimes

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    Mine would definately be the first time I took my son out shooting with his new Cricket .22 and a box of clay pigeons. I also had the foresight to set up the video camera on a tripod and just let it run so now I'll have it forever. I think he had a pretty good time too because on the drive home he asked me if it was his birthday. Good times!

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    My National Guard unit went to the range to qualify, one weekend over 33 years ago. At that time, most NG soldiers, at least the ones in my helicopter repair unit, were more interested in drinking beer and playing poker in the evenings than actually shooting weapons in the day time.
    Come Sunday, the last day, there were literally thoudands of M-16 rounds that needed to be fired up - seems it was easier to expend the ammo than it was to try to turn it back in. Same went for the 30mm M-203 rounds. So, a buddy and I had a blast at the range, shooting on full auto and blasting grenades down range. There were several old tanks and APCs down range at Ft. McClellan, and I spent most of the day just shooting up all the ammo I could. Got to be pretty accurate with the grenade launcher - I was putting them into hatches and through doors within a couple of hours.
    I shot until my trigger-finger literally bled (from a blister). What a glorious day!
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    My best shooting experience

    I work in the Air Force as a generator mechanic, and I got sent to a tiny Army special forces compound in Iraq to work on their equipment for a week. They were greatful to us for helping them, so they let us shoot some of the weapons they had....

    I got to shoot a MP5 on full auto, a M4 with a shorty barrel and a suppressor, a Sterling MK4, and Kimber 1911...Great times!

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    Not necessarily my best shooting experience, but speaking about shooting through old cars. I have a friend who builds black powder cannons and he built a breech loading cannon that shoots pool balls.

    That cannon from about 70 yards away can shoot a pool ball clean through both sides of an old 1970's vintage Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Those old Wagoneers were built like tanks and had big heavy doors made from original "Detroit Steel!" I was more than impressed with the cannon and more than entertained that afternoon. We shot about 25 pool balls that day. And pretty loud even with ear plugs.
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    A white wing dove shoot in Costa Rica, I had two double 12 gauges,a boy reloading and 10 cases of shotshells,shot every round by sunset,fed 3 villiages on doves.
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    The military stuff certainly had its charm -- like the 90mm recoilless rifle, or the M79/M203 grenade launchers, a beehive round from a 105mm howitzer, the good ol' M60 and of course, the Ma Deuce. Carrying that stuff around had a bit less charm.

    For pure fun, however, I think back to the time I took a young lady shooting for the first time (about 30 or so years ago). I had a pair of Rugers - a Single Six .22 and a 4-5/8" Blackhawk .357. A nice sunny fall evening at a stock tank on a ranch not too far from the Brazos River in central Texas.

    It was a grand time showing her how to handle the weapons, and see how cool she thought it was after she was able to start hitting her targets, just plinking at items along an embankment and in the water. The highlight of the day, however, was when I demonstrated to her, in my best "Aw, shucks" fashion, how I could do a quick-draw with the Blackhawk and shoot dragonflies out of the air as they skimmed over the surface of the pond. She tried it quite a few times using aimed, slow-fire, and never came close. She thought I was the reincarnation of Wild Bill Hickock. You know, I never did tell her that when I made those shots, I had loaded the Ruger with CCI Shotshells . . .
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    Great stories. Military stuff sounds fun.
    BarkN sounds like those pool balls are
    AP rounds too bad they are not HE as well.
    Those pool balls are very hard. If shot with a 9mm
    the bullet just shatters on impact.

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    Well, I don't know if this qualifies as it is non-gun experiance, BUT....

    Back in the 80's I was the ammo sgt. for a school that was teaching another unit how to shoot the LAW anti-tank missile. We went to the ammo dump and got the rounds we needed and then transported them to the range. The troops to be taught were not there yet. We waited a few hours and still no one showed up. My lieutenant told us to open the crates as when the pupils did show up we were gonna be pressed for time. I told him that this was not a wise move as once the crates were opened, the ASP would not take them back. Officers don't listen. Sooooo, about two in the afternoon there were the instructors and myself with 100 rounds of LAW (at about $500 each) and no students. We each got to fire about 10 of them.
    Pardon the expression, but WHAT A BLAST!

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