CC handgun recommendations

CC handgun recommendations

This is a discussion on CC handgun recommendations within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Let me start out by saying, I'm an old fart who grew up with Colt's 1911. I have had a CCW in Ohio for 6 ...

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Thread: CC handgun recommendations

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    CC handgun recommendations

    Let me start out by saying, I'm an old fart who grew up with Colt's 1911. I have had a CCW in Ohio for 6 years. I have been carrying a Colt 1903 in .32 ACP, or a Colt Commander in 45 ACP.
    I am concerned that the 32ACP doesn't have much (if any) stopping power. The Commander is heavy to carry all day.
    My wife, also has a CCW, carries a Bersa Thunder in .380.
    Ammunition for most is hard to find. The .380 is near impossible to find.
    I have a chance to purchase a Walther P38, in 9mm. Although I have never been enthralled with the 9mm cartridge (small fast vs large know the argument). I would like some recommendations.

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    Possibly the best suggestion you can get is see if there is a place near you where you can try out a variety of different models, and see if one of them "speaks" to you. But, I'm sure you'll find there will be no shortage of recommendations.

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    I am just not a fan of 9mm semi autos. I find most are to lightweight and prone to muzzle flip. Personally I'll take a S&W J-frame over a bottom feeder anyday.
    Go rent and shoot a J-frame revolver, you may become a "wheelie" like me
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    While I may question your choice of gun (I've never been enthused about the design of the P38, especially for a CC gun) I wouldn't worry too much about the 9mm cartridge. With modern ammunition, the 9mm is a very respectable self defense cartridge.

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    If you want to stick with the .45 acp, but don't want the weight of the 1911 try the poly frame guns. Glocks, XD's, M&P's ones like that.
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    All I carry are 9MMs ,but thats just what works for me .
    If you like big ,slow bullets, that cool too .
    Its hard to go wrong with a .45
    Try a Glock G36 or G30 , you may like "The Dark Side"
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    Nothing wrong with a 9mm for CC, although i'd think that if a commander sized 1911 gets too heavy to carry, wouldn't the P38 be even heavier? It's a full size, all steel handgun after all.(going from memory, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

    I would think you'd be better off with a compact or subcompact polymer pistol if weight was a deciding factor. Glock, XD, M&P, H&K, etc...
    There would also be the advantage of larger magazine capacity with those as opposed to the 8 in the Walther as well.
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    I have a P-38 and wouldn't think twice about carrying it over a Colt Commander. I can see no advantages in the P-38 over the Commander.

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    I have both a 1911 and a Walther P38 ac45 that was made in the winter
    of 1945.The pistol in incredible shape as it was brought back to the US by
    three Greek resistance fighters who set up a candy shop that my father worked in.They had three and they told him to take one.He got holster,magazines.
    As far as 9mm for ccw it's hard to walk away from a glock 17,or 26 that holds 18 rounds.I carried my 45 pistols alot more before I had a neck fusion on levels as it sapped all my sterned from my arms and hands.I have a s&w 45
    99 as thats an awesome pistol with the best trigger i've come across.Since my
    neck issues I find myself shooting my Ruger 357 security - six that in stainless,
    I also have an old bulldog 44 spl Charter House circa 1970

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    Ah, the endless possibilities.

    I think you owe it to yourself to try an XD. I carry one in 9 sc and love it. No muzzle flip issues, great carry gun and FUN to shoot.

    +1 on he J frame suggestion as well.

    By the way, those Colt 1903 are great little guns (although I agree that .32 is a little underpowered for defensive purposes). My grandfather had one as his issue gun back in the day as an LAPD cop. Now my Dad takes care of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aidedegramps View Post
    The Commander is heavy to carry all day.
    Are you using a good quality belt and holster? If you are, maybe a lightweight Commander would be more comfortable.
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    I second the notion of a XD9sc. 13+1 of 9mm in a very concealable size, with a great trigger for a striker-fired, polymer frame gun.

    It may one I have to get soon.

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    I would think the Walther P38 is more of a historical show piece and maybe a range gun than a concealed carry gun. I haven't seen many holsters available for it, but then again I haven't really looked for a holster for that gun. With that in mind, if you want to go 9mm, there are tons of choices. I can throw out my favorite CC 9mm which is the Glock 19, but not everyone can warm up to Glocks. The XD series is also fantastic, and there are tons of other guns too. My suggestion is to go out to a range that rents guns and see what they have for you to try.
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    In general, P38s have a poor reputation for quality and accuracy. Many of them were mass produced by the Germans during WW2 without much care to fit and finish. I don't know anything about the particular one you are looking at, but in general I wouldn't rate a P38 as a good carry gun.

    You didn't mention if your Colt Commander is all steel or aluminum frame. Assuming it is all steel, it would weigh about 36 ounces empty and more when loaded, so I can believe that it becomes a heavy load by the end of the day. It is a thin gun, however, which helps in concealment.

    But since you mentioned weight as a consideration and seem willing to go with 9mm, how about a compact 9mm with either aluminum or polymer frame? The best brands are very reliable, feed hollowpoints well, and have good accuracy. I would suggest:

    1. Glock 19 - polymer, 22 ounces, 15+1 capacity.
    2. Sig P239 - metal, 27 ounces, 8+1 capacity.
    3. S&W 3913 - metal, 25 ounces, 8+1 capacity.
    4. Walther P99 - polymer, 25 ounces, 15+1 capacity.
    5. Kahr P9 - polymer, 18 ounces, 7+1 capacity.
    6. CZ 75-P01 - metal, 27 ounces, 14+1 capacity.

    Here is a Lunde photo of the CZ 75-P01 wearing wood grip panels:

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    A Lightweight 1911 knocks off about 8 ounces, you could drop to a 4" barrel. You've probably thought of this. Could go Glock 30/36, I would prefer the 30. Might even consider the 3" 1911 though I wouldn't. The Revolver may be the weigh to go but they do weigh near a lightweight (pun intended). I have a LW SA 1911 and love it, while my small 9mm kinda disappears, I know I have the 1911, but that is ok, still concealable.

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