Picked up a new Sig

Picked up a new Sig

This is a discussion on Picked up a new Sig within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Well, I went to the store with intentions of buying a new Walther P-22 for plinking, but instead bought a new Sig Sauer Mosquito .22LR. ...

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Thread: Picked up a new Sig

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    Picked up a new Sig

    Well, I went to the store with intentions of buying a new Walther P-22 for plinking, but instead bought a new Sig Sauer Mosquito .22LR. It was closer in size and feel to the wife's 9mm, than the P22 was; I wanted what ever I bought to help build her muscle memory for her 9mm. I can keep her qualified for a lot less money with the .22 cal.

    Range report will follow...........

    John Luttrell

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    Very sweet looking .22. I am interested to see how it runs for you.
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    Nice. I have a P22 but think Id rather have
    the Sig. Everyone should have a .22 rifle and pistol.

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    I boyght my daughter a mosquito last christmas,we ran federal bulk ammo 550 count init and it did jam about 10% of the time,not sure how it does now almost a year later,but for a plinker and the cost difference in CCI mini mags and Federal bulk I would pick the federal,not to mention learning to clear jams quickly
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    That does look sweet! Congrats on your new pistol.

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    Congrats! i've been meaning to pick up a .22 soon
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    Good buy.

    I have seriously thought of buying the Sig 226 in .22.
    Same gun as the 9mm,just .22 caliber.
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    Congrats! I love Sigs! Can't wait to read the range report :)
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    Member Array John Luttrel's Avatar
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    Well I finally had a chance to take it our and see what she's made of. After an initial cleaning, I ran 200 rounds of Remington Thunderbolts through it with out a single problem.

    I also was happy to see it was dead on accurate at 40 feet. The recoil is pleasant, yet will be enough to keep the wife in practice having to realign the target between shots. The trigger pull is smooth, short and feels pretty light. Of course the trigger pull is considerably longer when firing in double action mode, but is still a smooth pull. Over all, I'm very impressed with the Mosquito and the only complaint I could come up with is the safety is "off" when the lever is in the up position; which I just find odd, but not a problem, especially with a non defensive carry pistol.

    This is the first Sig I've owned, so I have to ask if all the safeties on their pistols are like that; off in the up position?

    Later I'll try some different brands of ammo and find it's outer limits on cheap ammo. The pistol came with a spare "lighter" slide spring for use with lighter ammo loads. All of todays rounds were fired with the heavier spring installed.
    John Luttrell

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    Nice pistol, they look sharp and I am glad it shot well. Me wife and I have a pair of rugers MKII and MKII 22/45, a Rem Nylon 66 and Ruger 10/22. While 22 has gone up it is still affordable. In the pistols the Rugers do not like the winchester 22's but eat up rem golden bullet and federal target rounds.

    The safety thing is interesting, down on always seems much eaiser to me also...

    Glad you like the pistol, it is very nice!

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