Do you carry a cell phone when at home?

Do you carry a cell phone when at home?

This is a discussion on Do you carry a cell phone when at home? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; When we leave the house, most of us pack a Batman type utility belt worth of stuff. Gun, spare mag, flashlight, cell phone, lawyers business ...

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Thread: Do you carry a cell phone when at home?

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    Do you carry a cell phone when at home?

    When we leave the house, most of us pack a Batman type utility belt worth of stuff. Gun, spare mag, flashlight, cell phone, lawyers business card, etc. Lots of us carry when we are at home. But do you also carry all the other accouterments? Especially your cell phone? If you had to make a quick escape to another room because of a home invasion, or heard a noise, you might not have a phone handy. If you always carried it, it would be accessible.
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    No home phone so the cell is the "primary". So basically, Yes, it is with me or accessible all the time...


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    Yup, all the time...well unless Im sleeping...LOL

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    I have my cell phone on until I go to bed, then we have the bedroom phone.
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    I am on call so I have a phone with me all the time. Finally talked my wife into easing out of a landline. Got rid of my Cox phone and now have MajicJack
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    Most of the time, yes. It lives in my shirt pocket.

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    Cells are our primary phones also...Always have it handy...
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    My cell phone is the only phone I have. I carry all the time.

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    We have no 'land line'...only our two cell phones. My cell phone rests next to my Kimber, which is always within reach.
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    Crackberry is on me at all times when I am not in bed.
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    We dont have a land line anymore, cell phones were cheaper for us. Our house is small so never very far from one of 3 cell phones.
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    land line in every room but the bathrooms. We finally got cell phones 2 weeks ago and mine lives in my pants pocket during the day. (No idea where Mr. Bunny keeps his.) At night, mine's on the nightstand next to Ziggy. They keep each other warm and snuggly, awww :)
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    Part of getting dressed everyday is the equipment, firearm and cell phone are always on me when I'm dressed. Bedtime the cell phone is on the nightstand right next to the car keys, with the remote for the alarm, guns are in the open nightstand safe,4 on my side 4 on his, his and hers flashlights as well, and 130 pounds of fur covered bad attitude at the foot of the bed
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    Carry cell phone at home? YES. My hardwired phone line is used only for my DSL connection.

    All other phone calls are on the cell.
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    No I take it off at home.

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