Hole Lee Smokes ;-)

Hole Lee Smokes ;-)

This is a discussion on Hole Lee Smokes ;-) within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Wow! Just got back from running 100 rounds of 9mm through my brand new Sig P-239. Yep......there really IS a difference ;-) This thing just ...

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Thread: Hole Lee Smokes ;-)

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    Hole Lee Smokes ;-)

    Wow! Just got back from running 100 rounds of 9mm through my brand new Sig P-239. Yep......there really IS a difference ;-) This thing just won't miss! Either that or I really improved since the last time I shot a few days ago.
    I've read that certain guns were more accurate than others but only having owned 2 others with one being a Smith 442 ( which doesn't count in the accurate shooting dep't) I didn't believe it. Now I do.
    I think I even scared the guy away that was shooting a few stalls down from me. He was all over the place and I was punching out .50 cent size holes :-)
    Another Sig fan is born today........
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    Thumbs up Happy To Hear It

    And pleased to know that things are working out just fine with your SIG "Quality Crafted" firearm.

    Kinda nice the way SIG firearms seem to shoot right where you look.

    So...I guess you had a good day today?

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    Haha - another one comes over to the SIG camp

    Glad yours shot so well - I sure know that any deficiencies in accuracy when I shoot any of mine, are 100% down to me!
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    My Sig 239 outshoots my Beretta 92FS out to 15yds.

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    Only takes 2 of these babys(on the far left) loaded to punch out 50 cent sized holes

    Glad ya like you sig but where are the pics of the gun and target

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    Congratulations on the new Sig, and the great shooting! Jus' remember - more holes equals more damage.....
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    That Is why I own 3 of them (228,225,230). Oh yeah! And there ALL West German made.
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    Does the Sig have the same grip angle as the old Lugers? The Luger is the only gun that I've ever shot that I can actually post targets (which are on the old computer, which died about a year ago) and look like a professional.

    The ONLY time that I fired a full magazine and it looked like I fired three shots and then quit. I thought I had at first until we really started to look at the target. 15yards (can't remember the round specs, it was surplus because my Luger is .30, not 9mm).

    Interested in knowing if it (the Sig) has the same specs. If so.... well, I have have to go over to the Sig Side as well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FNP-9er
    Wow! Just got back from running 100 rounds of 9mm through my brand new Sig P-239. Yep......there really IS a difference ;-) This thing just won't miss!
    Welcome to the SIG fan club.......... You are under our control!!

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    The 239 is one of the few 9mm's I've tried that I can shoot accurately. I would gladly carry one if my Colt were unavailable for some reason. Nice choice.
    - Kurt
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    Excellent! Sigs are certainly great guns. I am starting to carry my sig pro a lot now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne
    Does the Sig have the same grip angle as the old Lugers?
    No, that's Glock.

    Sig is standard Browning 1911/BHP - P38/P1 -etc grip angle.
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    That's why I have 4
    P230 .380
    P239 .40/357
    P226 9mm
    P220 .45 acp

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