Recoil LCP vs Kahr P380?

Recoil LCP vs Kahr P380?

This is a discussion on Recoil LCP vs Kahr P380? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Thinking of "pulling the trigger" and buying one or the other of these guns. I am very recoil sensitive also cost sensitive so the question ...

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Thread: Recoil LCP vs Kahr P380?

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    Recoil LCP vs Kahr P380?

    Thinking of "pulling the trigger" and buying one or the other of these guns. I am very recoil sensitive also cost sensitive so the question for those who own both, which is the easiest to shoot? It would be worth the extra money to me if there is a big difference.

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    no experience with Kahr, but I have shot KT3AT, LCP, Walther 380 and FEG whichis aluminum framed and it is my experience that the KT & LCP seem more comfortable when it come to recoil than my PA63. That seems weird because of the size and weight but they feel easier to control to me. Perhaps is the locked breech over the heavy slide. now the Walther is all steel and heavier and that translates to me as the reason it is the most recoil friendly.

    If the recoil is harsh on you and maybe ammo tougher to find, try the KT P32 or 32 Seecamp...

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    the Kahr has much better sights and has a little less felt
    recoil. I have a LCP and have been very happy with
    it though.

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    Got a friend that has both. He was waiting for the Kahr to come in so he could compare them and decide which one to keep.
    The Kahr finally arrived last weekend. He decided to keep the Kahr P380 even before shooting it. He said sights and overall quality of manufacture of the Kahr was the deciding factor.
    If I decide ever to get a pocket 380 it'll be the Kahr.

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    My paws are a little on the chunky side. I haven't fired one of the P380s, but I would probably say the recoil of the LCP will be way more uncomfortable than the P380. I have held the P380 and it just felt like I had a better grip on it vs my LCP. YMMV. If it were me and the extra cash wasn't a problem, I'd go with the Kahr. The slide locks back on a empty mag and the sights are superior as well, plus the kahr has a far better DA trigger. JMO

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    My hands are pretty small, so the LCP fits perfectly. I find it to be perfectly comfortable. Jumps about the same amount as my Sig P225 in 9mm does, and pushes back less.

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    I have both of them and can definitely tell you that the Kahr has less recoil. In fact, I have talked three of my co-workers into buying LCP's. Now, two of them want to sell their LCP's and get Kahrs. To me, firing Buffalo Bore thru the Kahr feels about the same as firing regular ammo thru the LCP. If you can swing the extra cash, you won't be disappointed. The Kahr and better sights, less recoil, is more accurate, and has better quality. I've only fired about 200 rounds thru it and have had no malfunctions; CCI, UMC, Magtech, DPX, Buffalo Bore. I'll probably keep my LCP. It's a great gun and very reliable. But, it is much harder to shoot it well.

    Same DeSantis Nemisis used for the LCP w/ CT.

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