Remington 870 HD?

Remington 870 HD?

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Thread: Remington 870 HD?

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    Remington 870 HD?

    I'm interested in a Remington 870 HD for home defense and have a few questions about these shotguns. First off is this a quality shotgun?

    I,ve heard some say these 870's aren't the same quality as the 870 police magnum series guns is this true? I'm reffering to the synthetic stock 870 with the parkerized finish and the extended magazine tube. Thanks for any help.
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    I have that exact gun. It's the 870 Express. I think the 870p has a little smother action, but the Express is still a great gun.

    Plus the add ons for the 870's are endless
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    Yes, it is not the same quality of the police or wingmaster models, but it is still a very good shotgun. IMO, its the best in that price range.
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    I doubt there's a better shotgun than the 870, I own 3.
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    I love my 870. Sure, you can buy a better gun but nowhere near the same price point. The 870HD is what I have for home defense and it shoots great.
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    Great gun
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    Love my 870 Express model! I've been carrying mine around for the last couple of days actually.........................looking for squirrel and rabbit...not on the streets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911luver View Post
    I,ve heard some say these 870's aren't the same quality as the 870 police magnum series guns is this true?
    Here are some comments by Remington on the differences between the "Express" and the Police Magnum lines.

    Quote Originally Posted by Remington

    Important differences between Remington 870 Police and 870 Express shotguns

    The 870 Express has been an important part of Remington’s offering to the sporting market. It
    was designed to meet a price point in the commercial market while still providing classic 870
    functionality. All of Remington’s 870’s have interchangeable parts, even if they have cosmetic
    differences. It is also important to note that many manufacturers use the 870 Express platform
    for their Police / Combat models. Without exception, every manufacturer who utilizes our 870
    platform serves to upgrade their system to a more efficient, street worthy platform.

    While the 870 Express is still an 870, the best pump shotgun on the market, there are some very
    important cosmetic and functional differences between it and the 870 Police. To our customers
    in Law Enforcement, Military, Corrections, and Security, whose lives depend upon the unfailing
    performance of Remington shotguns, the Police modifications are of paramount importance.

    Synopses of the variances are provided below.

    • 870 Police shotguns go thru a special 23 station check list – ranging from visual inspection, functional testing, test firing, and final inspection.

    • All Police shotguns are assembled in a “special build area” at the plant in Ilion, NY. This section is secured and serves only to build LE and Military shotguns, with the same factory personnel working at that assignment each shift.

    • All parts that enter the “special build area” are visually inspected by hand to ensure top quality and functionality.

    • Due to heavy recoil in buck and slug loads, all 870 Police guns have a longer magazine spring which ensures positive feed and function.

    • A heavier sear spring is used to generate a reliable, positive trigger pull between 5 and 8 lbs.

    • A heavier carrier dog spring is used to ensure when the carrier elevates the shell, it will be held there until the bolt can push it into the chamber. This ensures positive feeding when using heavier payload rounds.

    • Police shotguns do not have an ISS (Integrated Safety System) which is a locking mechanism on the safety of commercial shotguns. This type of locking mechanism can cause delay to an officer who needs the weapon but does not have the appropriate key. LE shotguns have the standard, proven, cross bolt safety.

    • The fore-end on the Express model is longer and not compatible with many police shotgun vehicle racks.

    • The Police shotguns utilize the heavy duty SPEEDFEED Stocks and Fore-ends.

    • The Express model will not allow for the addition of an extension tube without physical modification to the tube and barrel, which can nullify the warranty.

    • The Express model has a BEAD BLAST BLUE finish while the Police models utilize either High Luster bluing or Parkerization.

    • The Express model utilizes a synthetic trigger housing while the Police models use a compressed metal housing.

    • The Police shotgun barrel is locked down with a “ball detent” system in conjunction with the magazine cap vs. a lesser grade “synthetic magazine spring retainer” lock
      down as used on the Express system.

    • The receivers used in Police guns are “vibra honed” to smooth out rough finishes and remove burrs before parkerization or bluing.

    • Police shotguns use machined ejectors and extractors, as opposed to powdered metal cast which are utilized on the Express models.
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