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Heard gun shots. What do you do?

This is a discussion on Heard gun shots. What do you do? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am thinking I should call the police, but truly, what could they do? So what do you do in this situation? That is entirely ...

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Thread: Heard gun shots. What do you do?

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    I am thinking I should call the police, but truly, what could they do? So what do you do in this situation?
    That is entirely dependent on where you live and what is right for your neighborhood.

    The right answer for one place is not the right answer for another place.

    Where I live, I hear gunfire of different sorts just about everyday. People shoot for recreation in their yards, people hunt, and its not uncommon to hear a shot in the middle of the night for a possum, armadillo, coyote or whatever, so its really not an issue.

    Calling the cops for any of the above is a waste of time.

    On the other hand, if you live in a neighborhood and you never hear a shot, that would be cause for alarm. Same in any kind of city environment. You have to look at the circumstances and common sense must be used. If you hear shots in a building, you know that isn't right so do what you must. Get clear and call the police to let them know.

    There is no correct "blanket" answer, it's a big country and what it normal for one area is not normal for another.
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    It sounds like you are in the 'burbs. For me (same situation), at the sound of the second shot I would probably call 911, get armed, and make sure my home is safe.
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    All above posts are correct. Out in the country....no big deal.

    In a populated area....call the police.

    A few months ago, I was watching tv and heard a large caliber go off. Very unusual for my neighborhood. I should have called the police.

    One week after the gunshot, my crazy neighbor (who lives directly behind me) blew his house up with him inside.

    He's now spending time in the state pen. He got a 5 year sentence with 4 months of Shock Incarceration Program.

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    I usually duck.

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    I live in the country, so for me, I smile, sometimes feel jealous and get all warm and fuzzy that we have this freedom. If it comes from one or two close neighbor's house, I'll call or go there just to check up on them. But that is only because of who they are. I have had people take deer next door to me and I sometimes get a bit startled, then I get curious as to what they got. For me, it is a good thing.

    I used to live in Santa Ana, Ca in a mostly Hispanic neighborhood and I got used to hearing it. One time was pretty close, my neighbor to the rear, but as my bro had said, having recently returned from Desert Storm, "If you hear it, you are okay, so don't worry about it!"
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    If you're in an urban area where this is unusaul, I'd call the police. If you're in the boonies where it's commonplace, I'd let it go...unless it comes through your window.
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    Heard gun shots. What do you do?

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    The answer is obvious, silly!

    YouTube - Duck and Cover

    Duck and Cover

    He did what we all must learn to do. you and you and you. Be sure and remember what Burt the Turtle just did because every one of you needs to do the same thing.

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    The last time it seriously happened was about 24 yrs ago. A couple of local drug dealers decided to try to drive by each other as they both drove by my house. First, roll off the couch into the floor. Second, crawl out of room. Third, tell mom and describe vehicles. Fourth, realize my mom knows both of them and let her call the cops. FWIW, family friends not connections.

    A couple of weeks ago I heard 3 shots outside the warehouse I was working in. Not exactly the nicest part of town. I'm no help as I don't know my way around except to and from the warehouse. No screams or tire screeching. Noted the time and waited for blue lights. Never saw any cops though. I did double check the pepper spray and knife to make sure they were there. Not the best, but it's all I can carry at work.

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    I used to hear them every so often when I lived in Pomona, CA. I called once because I heard several. I think the police can tell from where the calls come from where the shots happened, roughly. I could be wrong.

    I felt really dumb, right after moving back to Texas, when I heard gunshots near my neighborhood in the northern metroplex and called 911 only to learn it was the first day of hunting season. LOL

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    I called 911 when I kept hearing 'shots' fired. They told me it was the Police trying to shoot a skunk. OK. 30-40 minutes later , after continually hearing shot after shot being fired within 1 block..... and told the Dispatcher I thought our Police Dept must be the worse shots there were , and asked if they wanted me to come over and do it for them ?

    Ya never know... listen for a 2nd shot. Then report it.

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    I'll agree with those that mention your location, I live in a city where it's illegal to discharge firearms, I call 911 every time. Oh, and a hand gun is within reach at most times.

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    A little while back in my not-so-good apt complex:

    Sitting in a chair, reading.
    <bang bang bang bang bang>
    Look over at my (adult) son -- "That was gunfire."
    Go back to reading.
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    Being in the state of depression, NJ, heard firecrackers during July in one of the backyards near my home one evening and the neighbors, displaced Brooklynites, called it in as gun fire on my block.........neighborhood was swarming with cop cars.

    IMO, These people should have to apply for a license to leave their homes...........

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    I'm with Varob, I live in a very rural area, and we hear shots all of the time(even contribute a few myself if a coon or something is after our chickens) Not hearing some just about every day would seem strange.

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