Please suggest a 270

Please suggest a 270

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Thread: Please suggest a 270

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    Please suggest a 270

    I am in the market for a 270 Win rifle. I'm looking because hunting season is here and I don't have any rifles besides my AR-15. I am familiar with them, as my dad has 270s, 30-30s, 30-06, I just don't want to borrow his guns to go hunting. It's time now to start my own collection.

    I was at the local wally world today, and saw a Remington 770 black synthetic . It was a nice looking gun, had a scope on it. The price was $350 before an additional $50 rebate from Remington. I thought $300 for a new 270 is a pretty good price so called up pops and asked his opinion. He said that with hunting conditions in Fl it would be best to get a pump action rather than a bolt action because if I have to make a follow up shot it would be easier to re-acquisition the deer? I was hoping I would only need one shot...but I could be wrong I guess?

    All input is appreciated, and let me know what 270's you suggest.

    This is the gun I saw: Remington Model 770™
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    I would look at the Marlin XL7C bolt rifle in 270. It is scope ready but does not include scope. Where I work we sell them for $339.

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    I've heard mixed reviews on that Remington, mainly because of a sticky action (regardless of the amount of oil/grease used) and the bolts appear to be die cast. I hunted in Florida for 20 years with a bolt action .30-06 and cycled the bolt easier than I could with a pump. I hunted in the Panhandle, Ocala, north of Tampa and by Sebring - from jungle-like conditions to semi-open flatlands. For similar cash outlay, I'd recommend either the Mossberg 4x4 or the ATR. See O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. - Firearms, Shotguns, Rifles, Accessories, and Precision Machining and Mossberg 100 ATR 30-06 22" New : Bolt Action at (yeah, it's a .30-06, but the price.....). I think you'll be happier with a bolt action. Edit: Tally's point about the Marlin is good advice. Good reviews and great price!

    Your best bet is to find a Mossberg or Savage COMBO (rifle and scope), or to spend an extra $100 or so and upgrade to a Remington 700 (look hard and you can find one). Don't settle on something unless $$ requires you to settle. If you can wait another month or so and get some extra $$, upgrade. You'll be happier in the long run.
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    Savage makes great ugly guns. Shoots well. Handles well. Well priced. Not the prettiest.

    Go for the bolt action. Shoot 'em right the first time and you won't need a follow up shot.
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    winchester model 70

    Which is my favorite deer rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chenemf View Post
    Savage makes great ugly guns. Shoots well. Handles well. Well priced. Not the prettiest.

    Go for the bolt action. Shoot 'em right the first time and you won't need a follow up shot.

    +1. If price is an issue, bang for the buck, it's tough to beat the Savage bolts. Their trigger is outstanding. Consider a 270 WSM too. The shorter action is a real benefit and the ballistics are outstanding.
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    shoot. get the bait shop special weatherby for 399. good gun for the $$$
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    A son of a good friend bought a Rem 770. He had some problem, exchanged it also problems, and finally got his money back.

    I like Rem rifles, but I would go for the M 700 or a lightweight model. I have a Pre 64 M 70s in .270, but something like that would be more expensive. I have a M 700 in 7MM Mag that I have used for about 45 years, and it has done well. For deer, antelope, and similar size game I prefer the .270.

    I think the .270 is an excellent choice for the US.

    I have never used a Savage, but they do have good reputations.

    For me I like as light a rifle as I can get that shoots well. You carry a rifle more than you shoot it.


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    do not get the 770 or the 710 remingtons the actions are dust collectors just to let you know
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    Quote Originally Posted by gilliland87 View Post
    Which is my favorite deer rifle.
    +1 on the Winchester. I have a Classic Sporter LT with a Nikon Monarch UCC 3-9x40. It routinely makes me look like a world class sniper. My friends and family/in-laws just stand with their mouth gaped open as I easily cut bullet holes one on top of each other in the target at the range.
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    I'd go with a SS Tikka T3 Lite or even Hunter or laminated (if you can find one). I'm keeping an eye out for a Tikka in 7mm-08/.308 myself right now. A good deal on a nice Savage w/Accutrigger, Winchester Featherweight (pre 64) or Remington Mountain LSS/Model 7 would quickly grab my attention also though.

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