Please help! Revolver Jamming/Locking up.

Please help! Revolver Jamming/Locking up.

This is a discussion on Please help! Revolver Jamming/Locking up. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hi everyone, I was hoping my first post here wouldn't be about a faulty weapon, but here goes: A few weeks ago I purchased my ...

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Thread: Please help! Revolver Jamming/Locking up.

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    Please help! Revolver Jamming/Locking up.

    Hi everyone,
    I was hoping my first post here wouldn't be about a faulty weapon, but here goes:
    A few weeks ago I purchased my 4th firearm. I bought a new hammerless taurus 85UL (.38 sp.) for CCW purposes, as my glock 30 printed too much (I'm 5'8 140lbs and don't want to dress around my weapon). After two range visits, and 200 rounds I was very happy with my purchase, however on the third trip, the weapon would sporadically jam up. I would fire the first two or three shots with no problem, but on the third or fourth, the trigger would pull halfway, the cylinder would rotate halfway, but it was completely stuck other than that (I pulled very hard, but didnt want to force anything and break something). Id unload, and try again, and sometimes it would cycle all five shots no problem, but other times it was the same type of jam. I'm very new to wheelguns, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    I over heard a conversation last week about that issue with Taurus revolvers. The person who said he had one with the problem said it was due to a carbon buildup on some parts. That is as much as I can offer.

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    I'll agree, clean it well, if you still have problems, send it back to Taurus. They have a lifetime warranty.

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    Yeah, get in there with a old tooth brush and give it a good scrub down.

    If that doesn't work it could be out of time.
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    When it jams look at the gap between the front of the cylinder and the forcing cone (entrance into the barrel just in front of the cylinder). I saw a Taurus, I think it was a .38. When the guy would shoot MagTech +P rounds, the forcing cone was shaving off part of the jacket and little strips of copper were jamming between the cylinder and the forcing cone.

    Had the same thing happen with a S&W .460 but that was because I tried plated bullets vice jacketed bullets and the plating was just shedding off because of the velocity!

    If you are getting little strips of metal there, either the cylinder isn't exactly centered when it locks up or maybe a tiny bit of bevel could be added to the forcing cone. At least if you see metal shavings in the gap you can tell Taurus exactly where the problem is. Tell them exactly which rounds are doing it as well.

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    Ditto clean it well and I think you'll be fine a friend of mine one with the same issue took some Gun Scrubber and a tooth brush to it and it was fine.

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    I picked up a 605 for dimes on the dollar that had the same issue. First thing I'd do is check the screw on the right hand side of the gun, just rear of the serial number, and forward of the trigger. Mine was loose, so I removed it and the cylinder arm came right off. I cleaned and put back together, issue fixed. If that doesn't do it, I'd send it home.

    ...and of course clean it.

    Good Luck
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    Clean under the star, and check to see if the ejector rod is unscrewing.

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    Clean gun + check the Ammo. I got some reloads from a friend the base edge of the round (primer end) was thicker than factory ammo. It would cycle some but jam others and the cylinder would not turn. I junked the ammo. Factory ammo was fine in the Ruger GP 100. 357 Mag.

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    Had a 651 and ahd the same problems. I would clean it and it would be good for a few rounds, but I never felt comfortable trusting my life to it. I wound up selling it shortly after buying it. I had a decent trade on a model 85 at one time, but decided against it based on the other Taurus' I've owned in the past.

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