Anyone else shoot with non dominent eye?

Anyone else shoot with non dominent eye?

This is a discussion on Anyone else shoot with non dominent eye? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hi, I've been shooting with my non dominant eye since the police academy. This is a choice I made, since I felt more comfortable using ...

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Thread: Anyone else shoot with non dominent eye?

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    Anyone else shoot with non dominent eye?


    I've been shooting with my non dominant eye since the police academy.
    This is a choice I made, since I felt more comfortable using my right eye (I'm right handed). My left eye is dominant, but not to an extreme. I've shot also using my dominant eye and never noticed much of a difference. I think I'm a little faster getting up onto my target using my right (non dominant ) eye. Anyone else?
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    I'm also cross dominant (left handed, right eyed) but I generally choose to shoot with my dominant eye and non-dominant hand. The only time I really shoot with the non-dominant eye is firing a long gun from the support side shoulder.

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    I'm cross-dominant (left-eye, Right Hand) and I shoot pistol right handed (because I can center the weapon with no problems and simply close the right eye). However, for long guns, I am in the process of retraining to shoot lefty. I am noticing considerable improvements in both shotgun and rifle. It's definitely a learning curve, but so far so good.
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    Actually, it's quite common. Effects some 30%-50% of all shooters to some degree.
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    If I have time when I'm at the range I practice with both eyes and using both hands. More then anything though, I'll just switch eyes to give one a break.

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    I'm cross dominant. Right handed, left eyed.

    I trained myself to shoot left handed back in the old days. Now I shoot right handed with autoloaders and left handed with revolvers usually. I also shoot longarms left handed.


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    There was a female on the new show AMERICAN AIRGUNNER.

    Yes, that is AIR Gunner not HAND Gunner.

    She was a brand new shooter and they gave her the quick "eye dominance" test and she was found to be cross~dominant and ended up being extremely comfortable sighting with her non-dominant eye.

    Her air-gun rifle targets were decently impressive for a totally novice shooter.

    She has not done air-gun handguns yet...only long guns.

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    I'm ambidextrous when it comes to using my hands, but I write right handed. Way back when it all started with a BB gun I shot right handed, right eye open, but I'm left eye dominant. I'm sure I had no idea what eye dominance was back then. That's the way I've shot ever since. Now a trap shooting guru at the gun club tells me you're suppose to have both eyes open (I'm newer to trap). Boy, trying that throws me through a curve! I can't do it thus far. It's like my eyes are fighting to follow the clay and I miss every time. I'm going to try it again, but I may just stick to right eye and hand no matter what I shoot.

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    Dominant eye with dominant hand; non-dominant eye with non-dominant hand.
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    Left eye dominant, right handed. The only way I can shoot a pistol with my right eye is if my left is closed. That being the case I shoot about 95% of the time both eyes open using my left eye.

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    I shoot a long gun left handed, I shoot a pistol right handed with both eyes open. Im kinda weird though, im one of those ambidextreous guys.

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    I am right hand, right eye dominant. I shoot scoped rifle left handed/ left eye. I found I get a clearer picture and have better groups.

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    I trained myself over the years to shoot both eyes open; Now I don't even close the other eye anymore, and I can switch hands shooting with equal ease, rifle, pistol or shotgun. It's just a matter of practice, forcing yourself to shoot that way. In fact, when I practice, half of my time is spent shooting right handed, the other half left handed.

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