Post range target analysis

Post range target analysis

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Thread: Post range target analysis

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    Post range target analysis

    So I took the mrs. and the new XD9sc to the indoor range down the street yesterday for the first time. It was the first time either of us have shot anything over a .22. I was expecting there to be a little more recoil but it wasn't that bad at all. We each dropped about 50 rounds into a couple of targets... just getting familiar with the firearm and range.

    Something we both experienced was shooting a little low. Mine was low... her's was low and to the right. We didn't realize until she was working on her last magazine that she had her finger all the way through the trigger guard and was using the crease between the first 2 indexes of the finger instead of the pad of her finger so that may have possibly been the problem of her pulling slightly right?

    Now for both of us pulling down? I noticed that the further away the target got... the closer to center I was getting. I'm not that tall but I felt the targets were hanging a little low so I'm not sure if in trying to acquire a proper sighting on the center if I was tilting the front-sight down or not. She is 7 inches shorter and the target was at the same height and she pulled down also. Maybe we were both anticipating the recoil and tightening the grip too much?

    Any advice?



    Gun: SA XD9sc
    Ammo: WWB 115g 9mm
    Height of target: unknown
    Distance: 15, 20 & 25 ft
    Diameter of black in target: 5.25 inches

    Sorry... I didn't mark each distance.... but I do remember better accuracy as the target got further away. That may have came with getting a little more comfortable and used to the firearm as well because I started at the shortest distance and increased distances progressively through the session.

    She kept saying she was disappointed and I tried to keep reassuring her that she was doing great... and besides... with it being our first time I went in with no expectations what-so-ever. I didn't want her to get discouraged so I kept letting her know she was doing great. I don't know if she believed me but I honestly thought she was doing well... especially for it only being her first time. While she was disappointed (and I don't think there was any reason for her to be)... she said she had A LOT of fun and looks forward to going back and doing it again.

    For me? I always strive to better myself no matter what I'm doing so I don't know if I will ever be *satisfied* knowing that I will never reach perfection. I don't believe in practice makes perfect... but I do believe in proper practice makes better so I plan on practicing as often as I can and hopefully I'll get better.

    I'm sure it will come with time... but if you have advice for the Mrs. and I... we would greatly appreciate it!


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    Thats not bad shooting at all; you are low because you are anticipating the recoil.

    Do some dry firing excercise at home, (the more the better) and next range trip flip that target backwards and just put one dot in the center; aim for that. Do that for the next few range trips and once in a while after. That should cure the problem.
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    Using the distal joint crease (that joint closest to the nail) as your trigger contact point is a common technique, not a "bad habit". It's argued, by those much more knowledgable & skilled than I, that using the distal crease provides a more immediate, consistant trigger pull. In general, your index finger "pad" can be anywhere along a .25" long arch from tip to center. The distal crease is a smaller, more-repeatable, concentration-free location. Either way is fine. For practical (SD) shooting, the crease is (to me) a better bet. Sometimes longer distances provoke more shooter attention, resulting in better accuracy. Looks to me like you've got everything centered in < 6". Fine shootin' in my book.
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    Actually, I'd argue this is more of a follow through issue. People tend to shoot low as the muzzle dips when they look up to see their hits before finishing the shot. Since it is more difficult to see hits at distance, there is less inspiration to look for them. Maintain concentration on the front sight by getting an additional sight picture and only when the shot has finished should you check results.

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    With the XD's using the pad of your finger between the tip and first joint works best.

    As mentioned before, practice dry firing before you next outing. This safe on the XD's with or without snap-caps.

    Also another excellent excercise is to practice pulling the trigger without moving the sites. This is in addition to cocking and dry firing. You will see a major change in your range results when you can consistently pull the trigger without moving the sites off your target.

    You will also find out that with more rounds down range the 9sc will loosen up and become even more fun to shoot.

    The XD9sc is my EDC and has been for a couple of years, so I've gotten to spend a lot of quality time with it.
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