Understanding TN Law?

Understanding TN Law?

This is a discussion on Understanding TN Law? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I wasnt really sure where to put this, since it's not an OC/CC issue. I'm going climbing in TN near the end of the month ...

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Thread: Understanding TN Law?

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    Understanding TN Law?

    I wasnt really sure where to put this, since it's not an OC/CC issue.

    I'm going climbing in TN near the end of the month and would like to bring my firearm with me, mainly for the ride. I would probably secure it in the car most of the time I'm there. I wouldnt leave it unattended in my tent, and can't see carrying it while sport climbing. My concern is the legality of having it where we'll be. We're going to Foster Falls, which appears to be part of the South Cumberland State Park.

    Now TN recently revised their laws, to allow carry in parks, barring any local prohibitions. One thing in the language does concern me; "resident"
    Public Chapter 428 – Handguns in Parks – This act permits a resident who has a valid handgun carry permit to possess a handgun while within the boundaries of any park and other similar public places owned and operated by the state, county, or city, excluding certain natural areas, historic parks, nature trails, wildlife management areas. Local governments may elect by a majority resolution of the local legislative body to prohibit gun carry permit holders from possessing handguns in local parks.

    Effective Date: Permitting municipalities and counties to enact prohibition ordinances – June 12, 2009
    Effective Date: Carrying guns in federal and state parks – June 12, 2009
    Effective Date: Carrying guns in municipal or county parks unless prohibited – September 1, 2009
    When I look further into the TN State Parks site, they list their policies, including the following. It seems to coincide with the state's stance on concealed permit holders, but doesnt mention "residents."

    Firearms, traps and other weapons
    Exceptions to weapons prohibition provided below.

    In park, natural, and historical areas the use of traps, seines, handthrown spears, nets (except landing nets), firearms (including air and gas powered pistols and rifles), blow guns, bows and arrows or crossbows, and any other implements designed to discharge missiles in the air or under the water which are capable of destroying animal life is prohibited. The possession of such objects or implements is prohibited unless they are unloaded and adequately cased, or broken down or otherwise packed in such a way as to prevent their use while in the park areas.

    * Exception 1: Shooters may use recreational target shooting ranges available for skeet, trap and bow and arrow target shooting within a park area as long as these weapons are properly cased when not on the range.
    * Exception 2: Authorized Federal, State, County and City law enforcement officers may carry firearms in the performance of their official duties.
    * Exception 3: Persons using park area facilities while participating in authorized open or managed hunts within the park areas or beyond, may use and possess firearms under the specific rules and regulations pertaining to the authorized hunt and only in the authorized hunting zones or compartments.
    * Exception 4: While State Parks' rules and regulations prohibit firearm possession and use, Public Chapter 428 of 2009 created an exception in state firearms law that allows individuals with a valid "carry permit" under TCA § 39-17-1351 to carry a handgun within the boundaries of all state parks. While this new law makes an exception for possession, it does not make exception to the use of a firearm. Discharging a weapon in non-designated areas of our parks is still an offense. If a permit holder fires a weapon in self-defense, the holder bears the burden of proof to avoid potential charges under "prohibited firearm use."
    To further complicate things, our campground(car camping this time around) is run by the Tenessee Valley Authority. From what I know, the campgrounds are still within the state park. I'm not sure if my rights are negatively affected by the overseeing authority, since I cant find anything through the TVA site regarding firearms. By the way, "the Tennessee Valley Authority is a federal corporation and the nation’s largest public power company."

    Soooo...my question...does anyone know anything about TN? Anyone see a problem with my research that could land me in hot water? It's sad I need to think about it this in depth and of course I dont plan to parade around my firearm, I just dont want to get nailed on state land with an illegal firearm.



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    From what I understand, the state park will not be a problem, nor do I think residence will be a problem. If you have a permit (Tennessee recognizes permits from all states), you should be okay there. The TVA issue may be a problem. Someone more knowledgeable than I am shall have to comment on that.
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    There are Several TVA ,camping, boating areas close by, All of them have signs at the entrance, stateing NO Firearms.
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    TVA is generally anti gun.
    Government is out of control
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    That's what I was afraid of. Anyone familiar with whether it would it fly if I secured it in a vehicle, even unloaded if I had to? I suppose I should give the TVA a call tomorrow and hear it from the horses mouth.

    I'd be pretty disappointed if I had to take the trip unarmed because of my campground. I'm going with a group, so it wouldnt really be feasible for me to find a new place to stay either. Thanks again.

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    TVA will fall under the federal park regulations when they take effect.

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    TVA property, period, is No/No to handguns. At least until the Federal parks thing kicks in and I am not even sure then. the TVA areas are not strictly speaking "National Parks" and TVA is a power unto itself. I would suspect that it will remain "gun free."
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    If your on TVA property your out of luck. See firearms and weapons section of link:


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