Interesting shooting grip

Interesting shooting grip

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Thread: Interesting shooting grip

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    Interesting shooting grip

    I just found this new shooting style.
    The C.A.R. system
    I think it looks rather interesting and am going to try it out the next time I go to the range. What do you think?

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    Learned this technique awhile ago. Its a modified version of certain SWAT teams CQC pistol techniques. I've tried it a few times at the range, at 10 yards its effective, and is really stable. The downside is it limits vision directly infront and down of you, so flat spaces its fine but stairs and cluttered walk spaces can make it difficult to move learned that the hard way when I was trying it out dry fireing practicing with it. It really forces you to maintain focus on the front sight. It also makes switching hands easier, or off hand shooting easier.
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    I've seen this method before actually. Good for point shooting/quick engagement IMO.
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    Looks Gangsta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayman View Post
    Looks Gangsta
    Some armchair commando will take credit and call it Modified Gangsta!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingkoopa View Post
    I just found this new shooting style.
    The C.A.R. system
    I think it looks rather interesting and am going to try it out the next time I go to the range. What do you think?
    I was just going to post that some police departments use this. Sure enough the 2nd response down below that article was from the exact police department (Hopatcong, NJ) I was thinking of.

    Its a small world.

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    I read about it while back and quickly forgot all about it. I just spent some time researching it at Sabre Tactical website and it looks to be worthy of looking further into it.

    I'm all about staying alive out on the streets and anything I can incorporate into my tactical toolbox is a plus.
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    This is sometimes use to keep the wrist straight when point shooting from certain angles.
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    I have seen this used before as well. Accuracy tends to drop off drastically as you are not gripping the gun in a manner that allows it to fall back into position immediately from recoil. Instead you are trying to compensate by rotating the pistol in such a way as to lock your arms. It is good enough for very close work where you just need to place 2 in COM though. The only real advantage I have heard of from this is the ability to draw closer to the body, giving the BG less of an opportunity to take your weapon. But, if that that gun is out, why did you give the BG an opportunity to take the thing in the first place? Normally we, ass CCW'rs are drawing to shoot, not to threaten. I tried it, not my thing. Doesn't mean there isn't a purpose for others I suppose.

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    A PA state trooper showed me that technique about a year ago. I works great if you are cross-eyed dominant. It lets you hold the gun in your right hand and use your left eye for sighting. It's a good alternative for us oddballs.
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    Looks like your thumbs interfere with the slide. (top photo)

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    Actually I took class with Paul Castle in the C.A.R. Technique and it's an excellent system if used correctly!You cannot just use the grip and not use the entire technique,That's a rediculous! To say the accuracy decreases after time when you haven't even taken the course to know how to use the technique properly is like getting behind the wheel of a car without knowing how to drive!
    I'm a vet. and qualified expert with the majority of my weapons which included pistol and I can vouch that after taking the C.A.R. System and Applying it in the correct manner my accuracy improved! If it wasn't any good I doubt very much that it would be adopted and used by spec ops in various other countries including the USA not to mention numerous LE Agencies Including Swat in various counties! So for all of those who are so informed,instead of knocking something you obviously know nothing about,try expanding your mindset,you might learn something you can apply that could actually really improve yourself!
    Paul Castle is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to shooting and you guys should show a little respect for the guy!Just reading his credentials alone should tell you the guy is for real,hes done more in the shooting field then all of us put together! For the few of you that seem to think that they know the C.A.R. Technique,before you make a fool of yourself by expressing your comments about a Technique that you never took a course in, You should make sure you understand the entire concept thoroughly and make sure that your applying the technique in the proper way before you try to make a valid judgement.
    I find it amazing that Spec ops in Various other nations not to mention also in the U.S and LE Agencies including SWAT in many Counties thru out the U.S are incorporating the C.A.R Technique but a handful of geniuses in here can find that there nothing but fault with the grip that has been found to be ergonomically effective as it locks the wrist evenly with the forearm in such a way when done right that there is no felt recoil no matter what the caliber!But if one is not taught the proper grip,and thinks he can self tutor himself from the site without the proper training after wards to make sure he's doing it correctly, He might think he knows it all and the technique stinks! What stinks is the way one interpeted it! get the proper training and be amazed!

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