I have been holding all _year_ on a .22LR only because I wanted to see how the S&W 15-22 (IMHO _excellent_ as by my own direct experience and torture testing which I'd posted about in a prior thread!!) as well as the Sig 522 considering I run a Sig 556 carbine.
I've been hearing though that GSG might be contracted to build the 522 and IF that turns out to be the case then I would not at all entertain it.

Currently my own short list includes; S&W M&P15-22, Savage Mark II BTVS, CZ Model 453, and depending on reports of accuracy that of the Ruger VLEH.

All completely different items from each other but I can use any one of them in a multitude of activities from training to bowling pin matches.
I just wish irons were available with the Savage.

Many choices, aside from the GSG-5, are out there at all price points. :)

- Janq loves shooting .22