I have a friend that wants to part with a barely used Taurus model 83 in 38spl with 4" barrel blued. He's looking for some funds to help with the purchase of a S&W Sigma 9mm. What do you think it's worth? I know......I'd rather go with something in .357 so I could shoot both, and I've had a .357mag before (Colt Trooper MKIV). I've looked over the internet (like you know I would)...but what would you give for one......is it worth having, and what could I make a deal for and turn around and resell it? Personally, I don't think this pistol is a CC option, and it takes me back to the 80's and a few movies. I'm just asking on this deal. Not looking to profit by low-balling him and selling again, just wondering if I might see $25 worth my time and effort....giving him something to work with cash-wise toward his purchase (of something better for carry). I'm looking for your thoughts on this, I want to help him out on something he'll carry. I'll appreciate all replies. I can't seem to find out a whole lot on these models. Thanks