Wife went to range for first time

Wife went to range for first time

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Thread: Wife went to range for first time

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    Wife went to range for first time

    My wife came home from some kind of quilting group the other day and was telling me about another member talking with her about coming back from the range. They talked guns very briefly amongst a few shocked stares. Primarily this was the other lady explaining events that lead her to get a CCW.

    Today was cold and rainy so I suggested going to the range and to my surprise she agreed.

    I took my SP101 .327 with 9 lb Wolff spring, and my Sig P239 with both .357 & .40 barrels.

    I started her out with .32 Longs at 10 ft. My wife seemed to enjoy it because she kept backing the target out further and further with each reload. She said she was getting tired, so I asked her to try a cylinder of .32 H&R Magnums. She didn't have any difficulty with those, so I gave her a speed loader with Federal 85gr Hydra-shok .327 magnums.

    She shot four of the Federals, but there were two fail-to-fires. That was annoying! After she left the range area, I loaded a cylinder of Speer Golddot 115gr .327 and also had two fail-to-fires. I'm guessing that although I never had a problem before, the 9 lb spring is borderline so I took it out and put in the 10 lb one afterwards. I tried the 12 lb briefly, but that's a really heavy trigger so I put in the 10 instead. I'll have to test it!

    I used the rest of my range time to shoot the Sig P239 with both .40 and .357 barrels. Damn I like that gun more and more! I think my wife would like it too, but I haven't been able to get her to try it yet.

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    Good for your wife, but just take it one step at a time. No need to rush her.

    My wife went with me and buddies from work. Started her off with .22 and gradually worked up to .38spl, 9mm then up to .45 and .357 magnum.

    She now has her permit and is the proud owner of a Ruger LCP in .380.
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    Nothing like taking your better half to the range willingly. Hopefully she'll want to go again despite the trials and tribulations of today. Need to straighten out whatever issues with the .327 soon. Before you'll know it, your wife will be telling you she's going out to the range with the girls while you're still switching springs. None of us want that to happen so long as we maintain good mental faculties.

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    You're lucky to have your wife shooting, lots of guys are not THAT far yet.
    Baby steps...she'll get there.
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