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Does grip strength increase pistol recoil managment?

This is a discussion on Does grip strength increase pistol recoil managment? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by ccw9mm It can, yes. Takes a bit of the "shakes" out of it. I've tried to get comfortable with the "Crush Grip" ...

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Thread: Does grip strength increase pistol recoil managment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    It can, yes. Takes a bit of the "shakes" out of it.

    I've tried to get comfortable with the "Crush Grip" technique promoted by M. Ayoob, but it's not my cup of tea. For me, at least, I am fairly accurate with either (a) a modified weaver stance/grip with mild-to-moderate force on the grip and lots of repetition, or (b) isosceles stance with moderate force on the grip. Crush grip works fine for awhile, but it punks out fairly quickly. Not so good for range sessions. Fine for short engagements, I suppose. YMMV.
    I agree with everything you have said..... I do think a crush grip is realistic though (and should be practied -- one handed shooting 2 b/c many instincvly shoot this way) as Mas has explained many times your going to have a death grip on your gun unless your a real experienced gun fighter (which I'm deff not and hopefully will stay that way). Either way I think grip strength deff helps when shooting --- I'm happy I finally started lifting!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnubMan View Post
    Well today was the first time I was at the range in 3 months (I know, I know way 2 long -- no excuses) -- anyway I noticed that it was remarkably easier to shoot both my EDC handguns since the last range visit. About the last time I went to the range 3 months ago I started a strength training program (Starting Strength -- Mark Rippetoe – I highly recommend) and I know that my ability to grasp items has gone up significantly... so could that make it easier to control recoil b/c I can squeeze the gun harder/without tiring.... Does this make sense? All I know is that shooting today was much easier --- even shooting .357 magnums from my S&W M&P340 (13.3. oz revolver) wasn't 2 bad today (still painful but I could hold the little cannon in my hand w/o to much muzzle rise and thus get back on target quicker for subsequent shots)... Anyone ever notice this before -- if there is a correlation between forearm strength and recoil management then I just have one more reason to hit the gym. Thoughts???
    Shooting, archery, golf and football all have at least one thing in common. If you are fit, you are most likely going to shoot better.
    It is not only conditioning but your sense of mind . How you feel effects how you shoot. If you are tired, chances are you will not have a good time at the range. If you are pumped with Adeline, things can be difference each time you shoot for better or for worse. Moderation is recommended and of course practice often.
    If you understand, things are just as they are... If you do not understand, things are just as they are....
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    Well, I have a set of these in my car that I use on the way to work and the ride back...25 miles one-way.

    Yes, I think that grip strength is important.
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    Glock Talk - View Single Post - Is down?

    I reached the home page the other night. There was a noticed that they had been massively spammed in an attacked by someone in eastern Europe. They were pretty hot about it. They are having to rebuild the site I think.
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    ^ I use the little "squeezy" balls.
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