Just putting this out there for any of you close that would like to make a Steel Challenge match near Fort Smith, Arkansas on November 7th. You can be my guest at the Old Fort Gun Club river range near Barling, AR. Me, my better half, and her sister are making this one. PM me if interested. Love to meet you. Match fee is $10 and minimum round count is 150 on six stages USPSA rules, bring your most trusted 22lr pistol or your favorite carry piece in 9mm, 40S&W, or 45acp, holster and mags. Check in starts at 9:30, and start time around 10 am. Learn some of the rules, get to meet some great folks (and me), informal for the most part but always safe, bring your gear and some water, and have some fun! I know opportunities don't arise often for some who have never been to a match of any sort and we always look forward to friends that will help pick up brass! No need to be a club member....you'll be my guest. That's as far as I'll go..(bring your own ammo and ten bucks)....except for HotGuns (I've got you covered if you show). You know what I look like.
Old Fort Gun Club Steel Chalenge