Wax Bullet defense

Wax Bullet defense

This is a discussion on Wax Bullet defense within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My grandfather reloads .44 Mag with wax rounds, and we were discussing whether or not they would be viable as a defensive round, since they ...

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Thread: Wax Bullet defense

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    Lightbulb Wax Bullet defense

    My grandfather reloads .44 Mag with wax rounds, and we were discussing whether or not they would be viable as a defensive round, since they aren't necessarily lethal rounds unless placed in the head. Just wondering if anybody else has knowledge or experience on this topic, any replies would be greatly appreciated.
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    One question, Why does he do this?
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    Hello. I sort of doubt that they would be capable of making an aggressor stop because of physical damage. I shot a man with a 12 gauge bean bag round at fairly close range. This was an ounce of shot in a kevlar "bag". I don't recall the velocity. Though we later found that it raise a "whelp" about six inches in diameter and a full inch swollen height, he showed no immediate reaction at all!

    Later on, he was obviously in great pain, but it didn't "stop" him from doing what I popped him for at the time.

    I feel that these wax handgun loads are probably not the wisest choice for self-protection.


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    these wax rounds probley don't use any gun powder. the ones that I've seen only used the primer to propel the wax slug. We used to shoot on a home basement range using primed 38 caliber cases and a plsstic slug. I sure wouldn't use these for any kind of self defense.

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    Apart from use for practice (if you are prepared to do the gun cleaning after!) - I see those as similar to handgun shotshells - they are way more likely to piss a BG off than stop him ...... after which better pray you have some ''real'' ammo to follow!

    Plus - if we are shooting at all it has to be because we are in fear of life and it is our only option, as way to halt the attack. Preferably fast.
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    Wax rounds are for practice, FoF training (though I prefer AirSoft), and magic tricks, period.

    They come apart if loaded above poweder. For instance, I'm sure most have seen the trick where the magician "catches the bullet in his teeth." He has a glass barrier between him and the gun, so the gun must break the glass on its way to him, thus "proving" that there's something enroute to the magician. What you're seeing is wax which has melted above a small charge of black powder. It strikes the glass, stops, then the magician reveals a bullet which he has already hidden in his mouth.

    If you really want to take the time to fire off a less lethal round, put one or two in a revolver and back that up with Gold Dot in the rest of the chambers. I wouldn't recommend it though, for the reasons Mr. Camp and others cite.

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    Concerning Wax Bullets For Defense

    The short and definitive answer is no.
    Wax Bullets would be a terrible idea & it is not a workable answer at all.
    You need to come to grips with the harsh reality that if your intention is to stop AKA "end" a real, immediate threat to your life as soon as possible then you will need to use deadly force in order to prevent your attacker from killing you.
    You may also need to do it within fractions of seconds.

    I admire the fact (that as good people) you and your Grandfather probably have real and very genuine reservations concerning the possibility of taking a human life.

    We all have gone through the same thought process at one point or another. That is quite normal & it's very serious business. It is something that is not to be taken lightly.

    It's a very "fuzzy & warm" somnambulist notion to think that the Bad Guy is going to get "pop~gunned" with a few bits of "primer powered" lightweight wax and then run away and leave you alone.

    It's a wonderful thought but, it's not reality based.

    It will be difficult enough for you to instantly stop a crack-head killer from killing you with even full power .44 mag ammo.

    Any handgun is NOT the ideal "instant stopping" tool.
    It is however the most portable, concealable, and practical self defense tool for every day public carry.
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