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    Was just thinking about when I was in Panama when I was in the army along time ago. I was at an in country briefing and they had mentioned that you could carry there and if you did cary and you had to shoot someone they strongly advised us to kill the BG so he could not testify against you. Was just thinking how the laws differ from one country to the next. Couldn't imagine doing that in the states would be a little over kill and you just might go to jail.
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    In most states the requirements to use lethal force in self defense are that someone is trying to harm you with lethal force. And then some legal stuff that changes from state to state about duties to retreat, and not being the one causing the incident and whatnot.

    But, if you are legally authorized to draw and shoot someone, even shooting in their general direction is considered lethal force. Keep in mind, I'm not a lawyer. But shooting someone in their foot, and hitting them in the CNS, are both lethal force in the eyes of the law. Your goal should be to end that lethal threat as quickly and effectively as possible.

    Of course, you still might go to jail on a good shoot depending on your states laws and how good your lawyer is.
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    I was taught, you shoot to stop... you have to shoot someone COM to get them to stop, usually... it often causes death...that's a side effect...
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    if I was in the position to have to pull the trigger it means my life is in danger or a family members life. A "foot" shot / wounding is out of the question, I'm going to stop the threat with as few shots as possible in a manner where I know the attacker can not possibly continue. I'm going to COM and if it doesn't stop the threat I'm shooting at COM again or if possible the neck or nose region.

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