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This is a discussion on Demographics Poll: within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I grew up in a medium size city in the (evil) Empire state, and now live 2 minutes from farm roads where I see more ...

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  • Metropolitan & Metropolitan

    63 28.51%
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    68 30.77%
  • Metropolitan & Rural

    35 15.84%
  • Rural & Metropolitan

    46 20.81%
  • Metropolitan & <Not yet aged 22 or older>

    5 2.26%
  • Rural & <Not yet aged 22 or older>

    4 1.81%
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Thread: Demographics Poll:

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    Somewhere near Nashville
    I grew up in a medium size city in the (evil) Empire state, and now live 2 minutes from farm roads where I see more horses and cows than cars, and I love it.
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    I checked Rural & Rural Pre-21 I lived in an area that was sort of suburban mixed with farm. Now I live at the beach where in the summer the county might have a quarter of million people, but most of the year there are only 20-30,000.
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    Its interesting to see that so far most have stayed in similar areas that they grew up in. I wonder how many have actually moved a fair distance to a similar area in comparision to those that have stayed in the same area they were born.
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    Based on the link provided by Janq, and the definition of metro, I had to choose metro-metro.

    However from my home or office within about 2 to 5 minutes I can be outside of the city limits and in farm/pasture land. Within 30 minutes, I can be on the other side of two additional cities and at deer camp. Our metropolitain area includes two counties, one Texas and one in Arkansas. The combined population of both is less than 140,000 people, or a bit less than 90 people per square mile average.
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    Rural-rural, Oregon/ Washington Hillbilly. I lived in Seattle for about 4 years and it drove me near crazy. My last wife divorced me because I insisted on living in the country (we got married while I lived in the city). I have to have hills, mountains, forest and streams around me to stay sane.

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    Grew up in a small town of 700 in Alaska, moved to Seattle after I was 21, lived there for 6 years, now live in a smaller city in South Carolina than Seattle, but still far larger than my home town in Alaska.
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    Metro & Rural

    Now we have Amish driving up and down the streets in horse and buggy leaving road apples instead of exhaust fumes and pot holes.

    Ok, we still have pot holes... but a hell of a lot less exhaust fumes.
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    I guess it's rural by gov't standards. My hometown, which I returned to after getting my degree, only had 12000 as of the 2000 census.

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    I grew up mostly in urban areas though did spend a few months in a rural area before moving to Alaska. Eventually I would like to experience rural life or at least small town living. The hustle and bustle of the city is irritating sometimes.
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