Help I have an Expensive Tradition!!

Help I have an Expensive Tradition!!

This is a discussion on Help I have an Expensive Tradition!! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This is go number 2 for Afghanistan. Last year they offered commerative Para Ord. 1911's. I bought 5. This year we are going with Smith ...

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Thread: Help I have an Expensive Tradition!!

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    Help I have an Expensive Tradition!!

    This is go number 2 for Afghanistan. Last year they offered commerative Para Ord. 1911's. I bought 5. This year we are going with Smith and Wesson 1911PD and Socom 2 Rifle. My wife is going to kill me. I have always heard its easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
    Well I am in a delimia, I want both but then I will be shy on my downpayment for the Harley. I still have my other bike I can sell and be able to afford all, but I love my Cruiser. I gave 4 of the Paras to family as gifts so I am left with 1 Para, 1 Springfiield operator, and a few long rifles and Shotguns left in the back of the Liberty.

    Here is what I need help on?
    A) Sell the bike get new bike and new weapons?
    B) Drop the Socom 2 and get 1911 and have 2 Bikes?
    C) Keep the bike, get both weapons and wait 2 months for the Harley?

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    I don't get how this relates to LE, Mil, or Homeland Sec.

    Seems to me like you should be saving some money just in case something happens to you over there and your unable to work when you get back.
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    I am in my sixties. In my youth, I bought a lot of things. We are comfortable, but looking back, I can identify several purchase decisions that precluded wiser investments. So my thought is: D). Put your family 30 years in the future and look back to today's expenditure decision.

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    One sure fire way to save money is to ask yourself how many hours you had to work to earn the after tax money it takes to buy whatever it is you are wanting.

    When you figure out that the shiny new whatever means working like a slave for 3 days; or 3 weeks; or 3 years; you get a whole new perspective on what you spend your money on.

    Listen to Tiwee. Imagine yourself 30-35 year from now.

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    sell the bike and get the new weapons.
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    Take all the money and start a Roth IRA

    Or buy your wife something nice for Christmas
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    Quote Originally Posted by jca1 View Post
    Take all the money and start a Roth IRA...
    There's the best answer to your question... whether you want to hear it or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jca1 View Post
    Take all the money and start a Roth IRA
    +2 Drive your old bike.
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    Another way to look at it is, take the price of the Harley and add interest. That is the actual price paid.

    Then take that sum, add in the compounding interest of what you would get in a conservative investment, such as a roth IRA.

    Now what did that bike cost you?

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    sell the bike, get the new Harley and get the guns.

    hands down what i would do...unless the other bike is a Harley too, then I'd say wait. I wouldn't sell my softail deuce for anything.
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