9mm in 357/38?

9mm in 357/38?

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Thread: 9mm in 357/38?

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    9mm in 357/38?

    Two questions maybe somebody know the answer.

    I was talking to a friend who is a revolver fan. He has a few 9 mm auto-pistols but really prefers revolvers.

    A 9mm case is tapered slightly and it is rimless. But there are many 38/357 that have been modified to use moon clips.

    Has anybody fired a 9 mm in a 38 or 357 using moon clips?
    I would expect the case to fire-form and maybe split. Still in an emergency it could possibly be safe??? Does anybody know for sure?

    Second question, has anybody has a 32 cylinder bored out and chambered for the 9 mm to headspace on the mouth and use moon clips for extraction? Any idea of what that would cost?
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    Dunno but IIRC ruger makes/made a blackhawk that came with a .38/.357 cylinder and a 9mm cylinder. like their .45 colt/.45acp convertable. The 9MM measures .380 @ the mouth and .391@ the base (not the rim) the .38/.357 is straight at .379 so I doubt you could get it in the chamber. I think S&W has made wheel guns in 9MM as well.
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    You'll probably find this interesting................

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    Taurus makes a 9mm revolver Taurus International Manufacturing Inc
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    IIRC a 9mm is .355 and a .38/.357 is .357 so if you could get the chambering of the round worked out it is feasable.
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    A while back someone made a revolver that was called medusa or something like that. It was claimed to handle 9mm/.38/.357 with no moon clips or modifications.
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    Ruger still make the Blackhawk Convertable (model number 10308 and 10318) with interchangeable cylinders for 357/38 and 9MM. The convertable cost an additional $70. I don't see any advantage to shooting 9MM in a 357/38. The bullet is slightly undersized for the barrel. Although I have not done any chrono testing I am sure the 9MM will suffer velocity loss in a revolver.
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    Putting ammo into a gun that it isn't designed for is a bad idea in my opinion, just asking for an accident.
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    Smith and Wesson made a Model 940 J-frame in 9mm, they are scarce but out there, and demand a premium when in good condition.
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