Where's all the sales???

Where's all the sales???

This is a discussion on Where's all the sales??? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Just to make sure: this is December 21, right? Four days until Christmas day, and I can't say the internet is exactly awash with sales ...

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Thread: Where's all the sales???

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    Where's all the sales???

    Just to make sure: this is December 21, right?

    Four days until Christmas day, and I can't say the internet is exactly awash with sales and specials. What's going on? With the economy the way it is, you'd think business would be more creative than ever with advertising and discounted prices on stuff.

    In general, how do you think the economy has affected the every-day "Joe Shooter" 9 to 5 guy, as far as it affects 1. what he shoots (both firearm and ammo alike), 2. how often he goes to the range or on weekenders, 3. whether he stays closer to home nowadays, and 4. even what he chooses to carry?

    Trying to find a price even $5 lower than the usual $55-$60 price for a new EDC light, a Fenix PD30A R4 265 lumens. They're either out, or not much of a deal a around $72.
    Looking for any kind of break on a HK P2000, or maybe a Sig 225 or 239 (both in .40 S&W). Think I can find something on sale? Like I mean a DEAL. Nope.

    Anybody know anybody else desparate to sell stuff?
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    Golfn, email me. I have an FFL at work and he's got several things he needs to unload, we just had some buyers back out at the last minute. And we're distributors for H&K and Sig, among others. I've got 2 Glocks I need to post in the buy/sell forum tonight.
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    Where's all the sales???
    Wal Mart.

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    Gun shops and sales have been doing great around here, lately, but, soon, everyone is going to have more than enough guns, be they one or two or just a few. They'll be shot, maybe, enough to put a box of bulletes through them, if that, and then be put away and saved for a bad day or night gunfight. A lot of people will buy just one new gun and that will be it before they quit. I now have more than my fair share with good enough guns, until I buy more and become too poor.

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    I definitely go to the range a fraction of what i used to a couple years ago. Unfotunately businesses are trying to get every dollar they can to stay afloat so great incredible deals are not likely this year. Maybe in a year or so things wiill change.
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    Lost two gun stores here in Madison county Kentucky in the last few months. One closed and which sent in a renual for their FFL back in May has never received it.

    Outside of a few basement / garage dealers, one store remains open. No deals around here due to lack of compitition.

    I'm only about 40 miles south of Buds though.


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    Internet sales are reportedly up 30% over Christmas last year.
    Brick & Mortar Store sales are down from last year.
    It was said because of the snow storms.

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