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Thread: Gun-Stickers on Vehicle

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    I have no; gun stickers,gun hats,gun t-shirts.
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    Here's the only one on my rear window.

    Stickers, no stickers... do what you like while you still can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    So...this go along with wearing gun t-shirts? Gun hats? I think you're reading too much into it in my opinion. Things like this have been discussed here before. How many NRA stickers have you seen on vehicles? How many folks have you seen wearing NRA hats? You can separate the personal clothing items from the bumper stickers or the window decals if you want to, but judged at face important are these things to you? Do they affect you in any way but your thoughts? Why do these things affect your thoughts. The decal on the rear window.......does it mean they like something? Does it mean they have what it portrays? If I love animals and support their preservation, does that mean I am anti-gun? How much of a message, and what kind of message a decal portrays to us is as personal as our choice of holsters. Some are spelled out in what they mean and leave no room for interpretation. Then we judge the owner of the vehicle by the age of the bumper sticker and what it says? Or do we think that maybe this car is borrowed or maybe they are the third owner? If we want to put a sticker on our window, should we really worry about what others might think about it or us? How important is freedom to you? Can I wear my Glock shirt in public, or just to our club matches? Does anybody have the right to tell me where I can or cannot. If I find a t-shirt at a garage sale and it says 'I survived the slingshot in Dallas', does that mean I ever went to Dallas? Does it mean I ever rode the slingshot? How about a t-shirt being just a t-shirt no matter what it has on it? We're over-thinking things here again IMO.
    I think where you live will make a difference in the likely hood of your vehicle being broken into period.

    Pro's of having a sticker:
    expression of interest-
    might strike up a gun conversation with another gun enthusiast-
    it looks pretty cool-
    might stop someone from trying to roadrage you-

    Cons of having a sticker:
    cop automatically knows you have a gun (incase you wish not to reveal and are aloud to do so legally)-
    boss or other associates see the sticker (everyone knows what a glock is for the most part) and they hold it against you-
    a criminal acknowledges you have a expensive gun they can use to pursue their criminal lifestyle, and tempts him making you a higher candidate for vehicle break in. (whether you leave yours in there or not)
    Thats all I can think of...
    A man with a briefcase can steal millions more than any man with a gun.

    No law ever prevented a crime.

    A Fool refuses to protect himself, his family, and his home. - Me

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    I have the solution to the problem. Along with your gun stickers post stickers like, "Jujitsu Master," "Handgun Champion," "MMA Nut," "Professional Knife Thrower," "SEAL team 6 veteran," and "Bring it on."

    I doubt you'll have to worry anymore.

    I hope you get the point that just because a sticker says something doesn't mean it's true. I have a Glock hat and shirt and some other clothes and stickers that I got from my days of working in the gun industry. I wear them. I don't even own a Glock.

    Not to mention a lot of people don't even know what that stuff is.

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    No stickers of any kind on my vehicles. I do have a novelty LV2BOWL front license plate. I belong to the NRA, I also have a few shooting related caps which I only wear occasionally. When I do, it's only to an IDPA event or maybe when I get together with a bunch of friends at the range.
    Always remember that others may hate you but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.
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    I do not have any stickers on my car I do not want let the bad guys know that I have guns and my neighbor.

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    I've had a "when guns are oulawed only outlaws will have guns" Front lis on my p/u for about 8 yrs. Been in some rough areas and nobody has broken into yet!
    I look at it as they better be looking over their shoulder if they break into my vehicle.

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    Don't have any stickers on my truck.....but there is

    Never had any "problems" from it but I have had some interesting and enjoyable conversations along the way

    AND I rarely get tailgated

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    Quote Originally Posted by F350 View Post
    AND I rarely get tailgated

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    I don't advertise! I travel / drive thru gun unfriendly states. I know they would not think of profiling but why give them any help to be anti-gun.
    No matter what the sign says, someone will be pi--ed off - NO STICKERS
    "Being PARANOID is just plain smart thinking when they are really out to get you!"

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    It just strikes me as a "rob me first!" banner. There aren't statistics that play to that, but just like a BG would break into a nice car before a crappy one, he will break into one with greater likelihood of high value items more often than one with a low probability.

    So, no gun stickers on my car. Then again, I don't leave guns in the car. I had my truck stolen (out of my driveway!!!) a couple of years ago, and I was really glad it didn't have a firearm in it.
    "...whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one." (Luke 22:36)
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    I don't put gun stickers on my vehicles. Inviting a break in if you ask me.

    The only stickers I have on my Jeep show my Military Veteran status and that I am a combat Vet from the Persian Gulf War.
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    best to just be the invisible man. The first clue that I may have a gun will be when it's presented. A car break in would be the least of my worries. What if 2-3 ***holes follow my wife home after seeing a load of gun stickers and figures the house is full of guns? YMMV of course.

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    I have no stickers of any type on my car. When I was still working I had a NRA and a LEAA sticker on my coffee cup.

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    I can't stand traditional "sticky" bumper stickers that ruin your vehicle.

    That said, I do have a NRA static sticker in my rear window, and I replace it every year when they send a new one. But I live in Alabama, it is very common here to see people with all sorts of umm "accessories" on their vehicles.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my state and live here by choice, but most redneck jokes have more truth to them than I care to admit!
    Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn. -C. S. Lewis

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