My master Glock plan.

My master Glock plan.

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Thread: My master Glock plan.

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    Lightbulb My master Glock plan.

    I have a G32 (.357 Sig for you non Glockers)

    I am planning to buy a baby Glock and have been on the fence for a while now. The G32 makes sense because I can pool ammo, but what if .357 get scarce or more expensive? My only other handgun atm is a .380 which is already scarce and expensive.

    Soo the G26 (9mm) was my 2nd thought.

    But tonight I had this bright idea. I'm not claiming it's original, but it does open many doors.

    I am thinking buy a G27 and then pick up a 9mm conversion bbl for the G32.

    That would leave me the following:
    G32 with .357 and 9mm option
    G27 with .40, .357, and 9mm option

    Sounds pretty sweet. I will have a .357, a .40, and a cheap way to shoot both.

    Is there a better option than the LoneWolf barrel?

    Also, Would you trust a conversion barrel for SD? The only reason I ask is that I may consider loading one w/ 9mm for my wife, the .357 is just too snappy for her to have any sort of descent follow up shot.
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    I too, love Glocks.
    My conversion to them took quite a while. Prior to any other recommendations, I would first take a Glock Armorer Course and ask my questions during the course.
    I am enrolled in my first course in Feburary.
    I am following my own recommendation...
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    It will actually be easier to convert your G27 from 40S&W to the .357sig than either the G32 or G27 to 9mm. You should be able to use your 40S&W magazines for the .357sig and keep the stock ejector. If you're going from 40S&W or .357sig to 9mm, it's recommended to change the ejector. I haven't heard of many issues with conversion barrels in the 9mm, 40S&W, or .357sig. LWD barrels seem to be the most talked about, but there are a couple of other manufacturers. Strange wife and I will also be taking our Glock armorers course in February. I've been working on my own Glocks for ten years, and we plan on going into business commercially.

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    I bought a G33 and picked up a 9mm and .40 conversion barrel for it. You need 9mm mags also to shoot 9mm. I haven't needed to change the ejector although I've read on GlockTalk that a few folks have for more reliability. Yes, .40 mags are interchangeable with .357SIG without any other changes. My buddy has a G32 and loves it. It will probably be my next Glock if I don't get a G35 w/.357 barrel. Storm Lake makes some nice barrels also. One of my conversion barrels is Storm Lake. Outside of the goofy logo on the LWD barrels, flip a coin on which is best. You can get the LWD barrels cheaper and also without the logo if you want.

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    I used to work at an indoor range and we would put a glock 31 barrel in the rental glock 22 when someone wanted to shoot .357sig. Always used the glock 22 magazine and both barrels were factory barrels. Never any problems and the gun had A LOT of rounds through it. You can buy factory barrels fairly inexpensively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasabi View Post
    I bought a G33 and picked up a 9mm and .40 conversion barrel for it.
    +1 I'm thinkin this is gonna be my next Glock.

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