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Would you post pictures of you shooting on Facebook?

This is a discussion on Would you post pictures of you shooting on Facebook? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have pictures of me shooting skeet, and training others. Not so much anything else. Given several other factors, my facebook status really isn't going ...

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Thread: Would you post pictures of you shooting on Facebook?

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    I have pictures of me shooting skeet, and training others. Not so much anything else.

    Given several other factors, my facebook status really isn't going to help or hurt me in a court of law. I potentionally have enough against me anyway just with my family history.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    Keep in mind that once it is on the internet you can never really get rid of it. I would say post #2 had very good advice if you decide to do it.
    on facebook you can delete pictures
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    I would rather not post pictures on facebook, but it is an easy way to keep the in-laws up to date without having to actually talk to them.
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    I would post pics of me shooting. My facebook pictures can only be seen by people I have added to my friends list and all of those people I actually know personally and they are not surprised with pics of me and guns.

    Although I suppose mods or something on FB can see the pics but who cares really. I dont have anything to hide nor do I care what others think of me or my lifestyle.
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    The fact that I'm an avid shooter is a given so I see no harm in posting pictures of me shooting... as long as what I'm shooting is legal!
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    but i did post a pic of my freezer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ring View Post
    but i did post a pic of my freezer...

    Now thats funny!
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    I post them in my FB all the time. They're all of me shooting legally and being responsible. Most are competition so there are range officers present too.

    They're set to friends only but I really don't care if other people see them.

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    BugDude doesn't do MyFace or SpaceBook, or whatever they're called. If I haven't talked to people in X years and haven't kept up with them, then there is probably a reason. My wife does it to share pictures with our family. Seems silly to me...of course, she thinks the things I spend my time on are silly too. Go figure.
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    i have gone back and forth with this question... pro-cons... i still don't know the right answer... especially after reading this.... but someone answer this question...

    I'm a college student who will be looking into starting the SCCC (students for concealed carry on campus) the college i attend is in detroit and a rough neighbor hood. So i will automatically be know as a pro-gun person.... What does it matter if my friends see it posted online, or see me talking about it face to face?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExactlyMyPoint View Post
    I am becoming a Facebook addict. It is bad enough I am a DC addict, but now I have no time for anything except reading posts.

    I was thinking of posting pictures of me and/or my kids shooting on my Facebook profile. I can see good and bad in this. Just was wondering what others thought.
    I am becoming a Facebook addict.
    That right there's an admission of guilt.

    It is bad enough I am a DC addict
    Another admission of guilt. Whatever the hell DC is, probably a chronic disease you get from using drugs.

    Send all your guns to me and turn yourself into the authority's now and make a plea deal.

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    No. The camera adds 10 pounds.

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    I would say "no." I think facebook is a scam set up by the government to monitor all you gun nuts.

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    I had a facebook account awhile back and deleted it!
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